Our Community’s Top 5 Things To Pack For A Cruise

things to pack for a cruise

What are our community’s favorite things to pack for a cruise?

Today, we’re sharing our TOP 5 best selling items from our amazon store. After all, pre-cruise shopping is a big part of the fun, at least it is for us, so grab a double espresso, and pull out your packing list for this quick look at our cruising community’s FAVE things to pack for a cruise to make your cruise a little smoother.

The first item will come as no surprise! Yes, packing cubes. If you haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of packing with these, here are THREE reasons you may want to. First, they allow you to pack in a more organized way. You can pack by outfit, by person, or even by day. Type A packers LOVE these little suckers. But that’s not all… they are a godsend if you find yourself at the airport with an overweight suitcase. Simply pull a cube out, and place it in your personal item, or move it to another suitcase for a weight distribution solution. That kinda rhymed. Anyway, moving on. The last reason we love packing cubes is we can just slide them on the shelves or in the drawers once we’re on our cruise. Voila, tidy as can be! We have a whole storefront dedicated to packing cubes. Check it out the store.

The next thing our community loves to pack is one of those items that’s a cruise ship only phenomenon. Super strong magnetic hooks can be hung on the wall of most cruise ship staterooms to create little grab and go accessory stations. These are particularly great for longer cruises, or when you’re cruising with kidlets. We love to hang our hats, outerwear, scarves, and cruise card lanyards on these little guys. Full disclosure, there are some cruise ships out there that don’t have magnetic walls, so do your research ahead of time. 

This next must-have is a great space saver. Hanging toiletry bags, like this one from ebags lay flat in your suitcase, then hang directly on the back of your bathroom door once you’re on the ship. They hold a surprising amount of stuff, from toiletries, to toothbrushes, so don’t underestimate their organizing power. This little guy is just super handy. I never worry about trying to fit it in my suitcase when I’m cruise packing. It’s shape is perfect for keeping your suitcase tidy. We’ve taken ours on many cruises now, and it’s holding up great!

This item is something you’ve heard us talk about repeatedly here on CruiseTipsTV, and it’s germ fighting wipes. We use two types. The first PDI Sani-Hands are for cleaning your hands when you can’t get access to a warm water hand washing situation, and the second are for wiping down your stateroom to protect against illness and even norovirus. The hand wipes are alcohol based, and pretty strong, so be careful not to use them too much. Remember, good old fashioned hand washing is best. We also use Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Wipes (aka norovirus wipes) to wipe down our stateroom surfaces, like door handles and the remote control. Be sure to use a glove when using these though. They are super strong and not meant to be in contact with your skin. You can find an assortment of both types HERE.

More things to pack for a cruise

The last item our community continually invests in are these lightweight travel backpacks. They come in all sorts of colors and price ranges, but we feel strongly that you don’t need to spend more than $20 to get something that will do the trick. We look for backpacks with plenty of compartments and an outside mesh area for our water bottle. 

Oh, and we have one more bonus item for you. USB hubs are gaining in popularity with cruisers for several reasons. 1) they’re small and easy to pack and 2) they replace the old non surge power strips the cruise lines are starting to ban. Just plug it in and charge all your USB capable devices, like cell phones and cameras. This Key Power Quick Charge 3.0 is the hub we use most. You’re welcome. 

Thanks for stopping by the website today to read about things to pack for a cruise, now get out there and start packing!
Until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas.

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