10 Alaska Cruise Mistakes

Alaska Cruise Mistakes - Alaska cruise ports - Juneau Tracy's King Crab Shack
Alaska cruise ports – Juneau Tracy’s King Crab Shack

Don’t Let These 10 Alaska Cruise Mistakes RUIN Your Cruise!

Alaska Cruise Mistakes to Avoid

  • Choosing the wrong cruise line based on your preferences and demographic
  • Considering the best time to cruise Alaska for weather and wildlife viewing
  • Not paying attention to itinerary details when booking
  • Making assumptions about ship sides for glacier viewing
  • Booking excursions only through the cruise line
  • Underestimating budgeting for excursions and gear
  • Enjoying local cuisine and food events on board
  • Packing essential items for Alaska specific weather
  • Packing the wrong evening wear for colder evenings

From packing faux pas, missing out on hidden gems, and even preparing for the weather, today’s video is about the cruise mistakes that can turn your Alaskan adventure into a “wish-I’d-known-that” moment. We’ll help you avoid common Alaska Cruise mistakes and give you expert tips and tricks to ensure you have a smooth and unforgettable Alaskan cruise!


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This video focuses on avoiding common mistakes when going on an Alaskan cruise to ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience. Planning is crucial, starting with choosing the right cruise line that matches your travel style, keeping in mind the onboard amenities and passenger demographic. Additionally, timing is essential as different months offer varied experiences, such as warmer weather, bear sightings, or witnessing the Northern Lights.

You must also consider the itinerary details to avoid missing out on key experiences like glacier viewing or short days in ports. The ship’s rotation ensures all passengers get a good view, regardless of their stateroom side. Consider not booking excursions solely through the cruise line, as independent companies like Shore Excursion Group often provide less crowded tours with return-to-ship guarantees.

Budgeting for Alaska cruises is crucial due to the potentially higher costs, especially for excursions and gear. Alaska residents recommend must-pack items such as moisture-wicking socks, water-resistant shoes, jackets, and specific layering clothing. Additionally, enjoying local cuisine and events on board enhances the Alaskan experience.

The video also emphasizes considering evening wear suited for colder nights and preparing for the possibility of warmer days with shorts and swimwear. The key to a successful Alaskan cruise experience lies in thorough planning, choosing the right cruise line, timing the trip correctly, paying attention to itinerary details, and proper packing for the unique Alaskan weather. By avoiding common mistakes, travelers can maximize their enjoyment and create unforgettable memories during their Alaskan adventure.

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