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New to CruiseTipsTV? Here’s a little bit about us.

Welcome! I’m Sheri.

Sheri on Carnival Panorama

My husband (Mr. CruiseTipsTV), 14-year-old son (Junior Editor), and I are a travel-loving family based in Texas.  We run CruiseTipsTV.com, a website dedicated to inspiring cruise travelers to create their dream voyages. With over 200,000 monthly views and 118,000 subscribers, our YouTube Channel educates & inspires cruise travelers.

Travel has always been a part of our lives. I grew up camping in the wilds of Lake Havasu every summer (we’re talking “watch for rattlesnakes” type camping) & visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on winter holidays. Mr. CruiseTipsTV grew up on waterskis & lakes near Sacramento, California and spent his final year of University studying Spanish in Madrid, Spain. I joined him for the last 6 months of that adventure in Spain, and from there, even after settling into corporate jobs, travel was our “prime directive” and we never stopped traveling. 

It wasn’t until 2003 when we ventured out on our FIRST cruise together that we fell in love with the sea and the ease of cruise travel. This was BIG, SERIOUS love – so, we decided cruising was the best way for us to see the world. When our son was born 6 years later, he joined the team and has never missed a cruise with Mom and Dad. 

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How CruiseTipsTV Was Born

We made the leap & started CruiseTipsTV in 2013 after a family dinner table conversation. Bursting with a passion for educating others on how to have the best cruise experience, we were determined to find a way to help other people.

YouTube was the rising new media platform at the time, so we made the leap and created our YouTube channel.  From “how-to” packing videos and ship tours, to tips & hacks on how to save time and money, our library has grown to well over 600 videos. 

Three years later, our audience nudged us to do something new. Something, at the time, that was WAY beyond our comfort zone. They asked us to step outside the studio, and turn the camera around to create travel films. So, we packed up our iPhones (no fancy equipment), and took our audience along with us on our first “vlogging” cruise.  Since then, we have visited Japan, Mexico, Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean, and have experienced 40 cruises on 6 cruise lines, documenting the adventures, and sharing our best tips and tricks. 

When we’re not on a ship, we’re busy juggling work, school, entrepreneurship AND taking care of our farm. The boys love to run and build stuff, and I love cooking pilates, swimming, and Zumba!

Our Mission – To INSPIRE & EDUCATE!

We don’t consider ourselves “YouTubers“. Instead…

  • Our goal is to educate and inspire travelers to create their dream cruises and to educate them on how to do so!
  • We believe a vacation is only as good as the attitude you bring along with it.
  • We believe you should only take vacations you can afford, and most times, we travel on a set budget.
  • You won’t find clickbait on any of our platforms, you will find positivity and support. We don’t chase views. We chase IMPACT!

Where to Find Us!

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CruiseTipsTV was named one of Porthole Cruise Magazine’s 10 Travel Influencers Changing How We Vacation in 2018 and 2019. Sheri has been quoted in the New York Times, CNBC, Forbes, Prevention and Business Innovator Radio. CruiseTipsTV has over 93,000 subscribers and 19 million views.

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