Holland America Line’s ‘Black Friday Sale’

Holland America Line's 'Black Friday Sale' Gives Cruise Shoppers Free Wi-Fi Plus Specialty Dining, Gratuities and Beverages Sale adds value of up to $2,300 per stateroom; additional...


cruise safety what you can do

Cruise Safety – What You Need To Do

Cruise safety goes beyond what the cruise lines are doing In a previous article we talked about what the cruise lines are doing to make...
Is cruising safe - family wearing masks

Is Cruising Safe?

Is cruising safe? Here are the facts: Since the global health crisis began earlier this year, the safety of travel in ALL forms has come...
Best Time to Cruise the Mexican Riviera Cabo San Lucas

The Best Time to Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

Wondering about the best time to cruise to the Mexican Riviera? We've got the best, and the worst time to cruise! If you live in...
Best time to cruise to Alaska Ocean

Best Time to Cruise to Alaska

Looking for the best time to cruise to Alaska? We’ve got tips on the best & worst time to cruise. We love cruising to Alaska....


CDC lifts no sail order

Breaking cruise news, no sail order lifted! We have BREAKING news for you today! The CDC has lifted the no sail order! But, before we get to...


Friday Cruise Questions and a Surprise

Hey Cruisers, Welcome to tonight's LIVE Friday Cruise questions event. We are excited to answer your cruise questions, AND we have a very fun...

Royal Caribbean Lavender Daiquiri

Royal Caribbean Lavender Daiquiri on this week's Live Cruise Questions Let's celebrate together with some cruise chat and a FAMOUS Royal Caribbean Lavender Daiquiri. This...

Live Unboxing

Live Unboxing - Glossybox, Target Beauty and More Welcome to our July mega-unboxing! Today, we have our FIRST Glossybox live unboxing, and more! We'll unbox...


Thanksgiving day Podcast

Thanksgiving Best Wishes and Dreams

Sharing our Thanksgiving wishes and dreams with you In this week's quick Thanksgiving episode, we share some dream cruises we have our eye on, and...
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A Cruise Planning Timeline

Step by step cruise planning timeline In this listener inspired episode we walk you through a cruise planning timeline, and provide a pre-cruise checklist that...
Cruise questions answered

Your Cruise Questions Answered

We've got a whole new batch of cruise questions to answer Today, we are back with more listener cruise questions and answers. Week after week,...
CDC lifts no sail order woman ocean

CDC Lifts No Sail Order – Inspiring News

CDC lifts the no sail order. Let's get into the details. Today, we’re discussing the expiration of the CDC no sail order, and what this...
Cruise news podcast

Lots of Great Cruise News

Let's talk about cruise news for the week It was another big week in cruise news, and we've got all the details. We are happy...





How To Pick Travel Insurance, And Other Burning Cruise Questions

We answer the question how to pick travel insurance and more The New Year is here! Happy 2019 and thank you for your support and...