MedallionNet Redefining Remote Working On Princess

Wanderlust & Work: Super-Charged MedallionNet Redefining Remote Working on Princess Cruises MedallionClass® Ships SANTA CLARITA, Calif., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In a world where working remotely has...


Cruise Credit Tracker by Shipmate app

Cruise Credit Tracker Debuts

First-Ever Cruise Credit Tracker Debuts on Shipmate App WILMINGTON, MA, January 19, 2021 - The Shipmate app, powered by, today announced it has debuted...
Singapore cruises restart

Singapore Cruises Are Back! – A Passenger Interview

Singapore cruises have restarted, and we have full details from a passenger point of view. With the seemingly never-ending stream of cruise cancellations and difficult-to-bear...
cruise safety what you can do

Cruise Safety – What You Need To Do

Cruise safety goes beyond what the cruise lines are doing In a previous article we talked about what the cruise lines are doing to make...
Is cruising safe - family wearing masks

Is Cruising Safe?

Is cruising safe? Here are the facts: Since the global health crisis began earlier this year, the safety of travel in ALL forms has come...


What’s It Like To Get A COVID Vaccine?

Wondering what it's like to get a COVID vaccine? We just got our COVID vaccine, and in the video below we'll share our experience, and...



Cruise questions woman on the beach

Your Cruise Questions Answered

Got cruise questions? We are here to help Today, we’re answering your cruise questions. We'll cover the news, have some fun, and then its all...
New cruiser surprised

15 Things That Surprise New Cruisers

Today, we’re sharing 15 things that surprise new cruisers If you've never been on a cruise before, there are some things that might surprise you....
Amazing Food Jamies Italian

10 Amazing Food and Drink Experiences at Sea

We've found some of the most amazing food experiences at sea! Today, we’re going discuss 10 amazing food and drink experiences available on a cruise....
Amazing things to do on a cruise views

10 More Amazing Things You Can Do On A Cruise

Are you wondering just what there is to do on a cruise? Well, wonder no more. Today, we’re going discuss 10 more amazing things you...
Amazing things Waterslide

Amazing Things You Can Do On A Cruise

Our list of amazing things you can do on a cruise Today, we’re going discuss 10 amazing things you can do on a cruise. Today,...




CLIA announces suspension of all cruises

CLIA announces the suspension of ALL cruises

CLIA Announces Voluntary Suspension of Cruise Operations from U.S. Ports We have cruise news to share with you. Cruise Lines International Association aka CLIA announces...