MSC Cruises Restarts with 2 Ships

It's official! MSC Cruises Restarts cruising. MSC Cruises will return to service in the...


Cruise vs All Inclusive Resort

Cruise vs All Inclusive Resort

Cruise vs All Inclusive Resort - What's Best for YOU? We recently returned from...
Warm Chocolate Melting Cake Recipe oven

Carnival Warm Chocolate Melting Cake Recipe

Warm Chocolate Melting Cake Recipe: If you know, you know Serves 4 Cruise-Lovin' Humans
Reasons not to give up cruising

5 Reasons Not To Give Up Cruising

Now is not the time to give up cruising I had planned to write...
3 Ingredient Skinny Pina Colada

Irresistible 3 Ingredient Skinny Piña Colada

Crazy good Skinny Piña Colada! Have you ever stumbled upon a recipe or a...


Is This The Future of Cruising? Did MSC Cruises just outline the future of cruising? In an information packed...


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Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini LIVE Cruise Q&A - Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini Missing cruising? So are we!...

Purple Rain Recipe Friday Night Live LIVE Cruise Q&A and "Purple Rain" Cocktail Party Let's celebrate Friday with some...


Instagram cruise questions

Awesome Instagram Cruise Questions

More Instagram Cruise Questions and Answers In this episode of the podcast we answer Instagram cruise questions from our wonderful...
cruise world ship wooden deck

What’s Going On In The Cruise World

Another crazy week in the cruise world Today, we’re talking about all that’s happened in the cruise world over the...
big cruise news

A Week Of Big Cruise News

It was a week of big cruise news In this episode we’re covering last week’s cruise news. From the CDC’s...
Cruise vs all inclusive resort

Cruise vs All Inclusive Resort

What you should know when making a decision about a cruise vs all inclusive vacation In this episode it's cruise vs...
10 ways to save money on shore excursions

10 Ways To Save Money On Shore Excursions

Can you really save money on shore excursions? Today, we’re brainstorming 10 ways to save money on shore excursions, and...




Royal Caribbean Perfect Day at CocoCay

Twice As Much Perfect Day At CocoCay

Royal Caribbean Gives Guests More Time to Thrill and Chill with Two Calls and Late Nights at Private Island Destination MIAMI, Aug. 14, 2019 –...