The Best Cruise FAQ – Including Top 5

Cruise FAQ - Frequently asked cruise questions

Cruise FAQ – We’ve got answers to cruise questions

We’ve been answering cruise questions for a very long time now, so we decided to put together this very easy to use cruise FAQ to quickly answer some of the most frequently asked cruise questions. We’ve broken down this cruise FAQ into two sections. The first part is a top 5 cruise FAQ, and the second part is kind of an everything else cruise FAQ.

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Your top 5 cruise questions

What should I expect from my first cruise?

You can expect to relax, have fun and be pampered. Cruises offer you the chance to unpack once, and see multiple destinations. You can expect service similar to a hotel, but with the addition of complimentary meals and basic drinks. You can expect dozens of daily activities and entertainment options, and a high level of service. 

Will I be bored on a cruise?

There are dozens of activities for every travel taste on a cruise. From Broadway Style Shows to pools and hot tubs, to live music, it’s hard to get bored on a cruise.

Can you watch TV on cruise ships?

Yes, all of the mass market cruise lines offer in room television programming.

Can you bring bottled water on a cruise?

On some cruise lines, you can. However, many lines prohibit passengers from bringing plastic bottles on board, and others don’t allow any beverages at all. To find out if your cruise line allows bottled water, visit the cruise line website and search for “beverage policy”. 

Do cruise ships provide toiletries?

You can count on only very basic toiletries on a cruise. Most lines provide bar soap, or liquid soap in a dispenser in the shower, and some provide shampoo. You should pack your own toiletries, particularly shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, lotion, sunscreen, medications, and any other needed toiletries.

The rest of your most frequently asked cruise questions

Do cruise ships have TV in cabins?

Yes, all of the mass market cruise lines offer in room TV’s. Programming varies from ship to ship. 

How do you relax on a cruise?

You can relax on the open decks, relax on your balcony (if you book that type of stateroom), read, play board games, relax by the pool, soak in a hot tub, get a spa treatment, or simply do nothing at all. Cruising can be one of the most relaxing forms of travel, because housekeeping and meals are included. That’s right, NO dishes or making your bed allowed!

Are cruises fun?

Yes! Cruises offer fun activities every day. From line dancing at the sailaway party, to meeting new friends at the bar, cruise lines have fun activities planned for all ages and interests. Use your daily newsletter to select activities you consider “fun” and remember- you determine how much fun you have on your cruise.

What do you do on a “day at sea” on a cruise?

The cruise entertainment staff will plan a variety of activities on sea days. While some passengers may prefer to relax or swim at the pool deck, others may attend a lecture, watch a port talk in the theater, go to the gym, or take a dance class. You can enjoy live music, participate in trivia or bingo, visit the casino, or dance the night away at the ship’s night club. 

What can you not do on a cruise?

  • You should not throw things overboard. 
  • You should not be unkind to the crew.
  • You should not break the rules.
  • You should not arrive late back to the ship on a port day (or the ship may leave without you!).
  • You should not pack forbidden items, such as liquor, beer, weapons or drugs.

Are cruise excursions worth it?

It depends. Cruise excursions offer a safe and reliable way to see a port of call, however they can be more expensive and crowded than planning something on your own. The benefit is that cruise excursions arranged by the cruise line offer a return to ship guarantee- so you know the cruise ship will not leave without you should your tour return late. 

What is the first thing you do when you go on a cruise?

Once you present your boarding documents and identification and board the ship, the rest is up to you! Some cruisers like to grab a welcome drink, others head straight for a meal after a long day of travel, and some take a walking tour of the ship to get a feel for the layout of the vessel. The options are endless!

Is there free WiFi on a cruise ship?

On most cruise lines, no. There will be WiFi packages available for purchase. Some cruise lines offer just one package, and others offer a variety of options, depending on what you plan to use the WiFi for (streaming, social media, etc). 

Can I watch Netflix on a cruise ship?

If you purchase an internet package, you likely can watch Netflix on your personal device. However, we recommend you download anything you wish to watch in advance, as shipboard connections can be less fast and reliable than your home coverage.

Can you watch live sports on a cruise ship?

Typically, yes. Most ships have sports bars that show a variety of live sporting events. Some also broadcast big sport events poolside.

What should you not buy on a cruise?

It’s up to you. Cruise stores sometimes offer great deals, but it’s best to bring your own toiletries and medication as these items can be very pricey onboard. Watch for onboard sales, and use your gut instinct, as you would shopping on land.

Is it cold on a cruise ship?

Some people find that cruise ship air conditioning can be quite chilly. We recommend packing a sweater or wrap for evenings. If cruising to Alaska, or other cold weather destinations – jackets, sweaters and waterproof outerwear are recommended.

What is free on a cruise?

Your cabin and housekeeping services (also called a stateroom), many meals, basic beverages (coffee, tea, water, iced tea, lemonade and juices with meals) are included. Also, a wide variety of entertainment and activities are also available at no charge.

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