How To Make The Carnival Fun Ship Cocktail

How to make the Carnival Fun Ship drink

We’ll show you how to make the Carnival Fun Ship Drink – including the full recipe

Looking for the Carnival Fun Ship drink recipe? Good news, you’ve found it. Right now, we’re between cruises (sigh…) and we’ve just started a new series on YouTube called “Cruise Cocktail Class”, and we’re mixing up our favorite cruisey cocktails in the comfort of our own home-based Cruise Cantina!

We’ve mixed up some fun drinks before, and have LOTS of cruise cocktail recipes for you on our website. But the Carnival Fun Ship Cocktail is BRAND new to us, and inspired it’s own series! You can shop our ingredient and bar supplies in our Amazon Store as well (contains affiliate links). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See disclaimer for more information.

What is the Carnival Fun Ship?

The Carnival Fun Ship is a fruity cocktail served in a tall glass on Carnival Cruise Line, most notably on embarkation day! This is the drink you’ll see the bar waiters walking the pool deck, and usually it’s the “drink of the day” on Day 1 of your cruise! The Carnival Fun Ship goes down EASY, but packs a punch!

How to make the Carnival Fun Ship drink

So what’s in the Carnival Fun Ship? A base of homemade “fruit punch” mixed with vodka, rum, amaretto liqueur and apricot brandy, all shaken together to create the ultimate Day-ONE-of-your-glorious-cruise goodness. You can skip the homemade fruit punch and go for store bought, but the pineapple-lime-orange juice combo really seals the deal and elevates this recipe.

Plus, you can use the amount of grenadine you like to adjust the color and sweetness.

A little more grenadine = more fruit punch flavor.

Less = more tart, pineapple & tropical flavors shine through!

For YEARS, we overlooked this drink.

Why? Well, to me, it looked like your typical fruity cruise drink. Pretty, tropical, super sugary, but no “kick” – if you know what I mean. Not my jam. Then, I tried one, and WOW, was I wrong. This drink – when made according to the recipe – really delivers. It’s tropical and refreshing, but offers a bit more bang for your buck with 3 full ounces of booze. All of that, without the strong taste of some cocktails. Trust us, you’ll be dancing the wobble on the pool deck after just one of these!

How to make the Carnival Fun Ship drink

Ready to try this one at home? Let’s do this! Here’s the full recipe:

Carnival “FUN SHIP” drink recipe:

Ingredients (Alcohol)

  •  1oz Vodka
  •  1oz Rum
  •  ½ oz Amaretto Almond Liqueur
  •  ½ oz Apricot Brandy

Ingredients (Homemade “fruit punch”)

  •  1 oz Pineapple Juice
  •  1 oz Orange Juice
  •  ½ oz Lime Juice
  •  1 splash grenadine syrup
  •  Dash of bitters

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker (affiliate link) like the copper one used in our “how to” video or mason jar (affiliate link) with a tight lid and serve over ice!

Optional: instead of the above juices, you can substitute 3-6 ounces of store bought fruit punch, but it tastes SO much better made this way!

Watch the How-To Video in the CruiseTipsTV Cantina!

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