Should You Cruise During The COVID-19 crisis?

Should you cruise during COVID-19

3 Questions you need to answer before you cruise during the COVID-19 crisis

Here are CruiseTipsTV, we get a lot of questions that seem to revolve around similar themes. What should I do in Cozumel? Why do you recommend packing cubes? Due to COVID-19, those questions have fallen by the wayside, and the emails, livestream chats and social media comments are revolving around one concern: Should I KEEP my scheduled cruise, or cancel? And, “why is your amazon store out of germ fighting wipes?”.  While we would love to have the right answer for everyone, unfortunately we don’t.

The COVID-19 crisis is evolving daily, and there is no right or wrong answer. We can, however, offer some key things for you to think about during this very difficult time, especially if you have a cruise planned in the months of March or April 2020:

#1: Will your employer or school force you to quarantine if you travel abroad or go on a cruise? We’re hearing from people ALL over the United States and Canada that their employers have set rules for travel, namely that if you travel outside the US or on ANY cruise ship, you must self quarantine on return. We’re seeing this with SOME schools too. Obviously, this should be a huge factor in your decision. Can you work from home if this happens? Can your child miss school if you’re forced to stay home and self-isolate? If the answer is yes, your cruise is less likely to cause you stress right now.

#2: Are you at high risk or elderly? If you have underlying medical conditions at all, AND you are of “advanced age” (hey, it happens to us all- my doctor told my I was experiencing a “geriatric pregnancy when I was 35 years old”), you should consult a medical professional before you cruise.

#3: Is this causing you undue stress? Perhaps the most important factor in your decision to keep or cancel your cruise right now, is HOW this situation is making you feel. If keeping your cruise is causing you feelings of dread, stress, or anxiety- there’s no reason you shouldn’t postpone it until things calm down. The cruise lines have no doubt gone over and above to flex their cancellation policies, and we don’t believe that you should keep a cruise that is causing you stress. 

We hope these quick tips have been helpful, and will ease your mind a little. This is by far the most challenging situation to ever impact the cruise world, and we are ALSO feeling uncertainty, confusion and concern right along with you! We encourage you to keep an eye on the CDC website here: