A Valentine’s Day Love Story

Valentine's Day Love Story - Paris-Kiss-Louvre

Valentine’s Day special: We share our love story.

This week we have Valentine’s Day special episode for you. What is better than a love story for Valentine’s Day? We’ve talked briefly about our love story and how we met in previous episodes, but in this special Valentine’s Day episode we go all the way back to when we first met. It’s a romantic story many of our listeners have asked for. We also spend a few minutes covering the week’s cruise news, and then tell our own love story of how we met. If you’re just interested in cruise news for the week, you’ll find we cover the topics quickly in the first minutes. Alternatively, you can read summaries of the stories below.

MSC Cruises

In cruise news we had good and bad news from MSC Cruises. First the bad news, MSC Cruises announced today a further extension of the temporary pause of its US-based sailings through to and including April 30, 2021. The decision will affect the schedules of three ships based in Florida: MSC Divina scheduled to sail from Port Canaveral, and MSC Meraviglia and MSC Armonia scheduled to sail from PortMiami.

Now the good news (at least for Greece), MSC Cruises announced that the Company is working closely with the Greek Ministry of Tourism, and other relevant authorities, on reopening local tourism services to resume serving cruise passengers visiting Greece, starting with the upcoming Easter holiday period. 

In Princess Cruises news, Princess announced a surprise decision.

For the first time ever, sports fans will have the opportunity to wager on sports from the comfort of their cruise ship. Princess Cruises today unveiled Ocean® Sportsbook, a new, real-time sports wagering option onboard its MedallionClass ships, giving guests the opportunity to bet on major sports competitions like professional* and college football, basketball, baseball and hockey as well as a wide variety of other exciting domestic and international events.

When the ship is in international waters, or wherever permitted by law, guests can use the MedallionClass app to wager on a host of major sports competitions, as well as place prop bets during live events taking place during their cruise. Guests also will have the opportunity to place bets on future competitions that occur well after their voyage. 

Canada stuns

The big news this week came with the Government of Canada announcement. In a shocking move Canada announced a year long ban of cruise ships. This move could potentially wipe out the 2021 Alaska cruise season, and pile on to an already devastated cruise industry. Great Lakes and Canadian Arctic expedition cruises are also impacted. As grim as this sounds, there is a small ray of hope. The minster of transport has said should the COVID-19 pandemic sufficiently improve to allow the resumption of these activities, there is the possibly of rescinding the interim orders.

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Here’s what people are saying about the CruiseTipsTV Unplugged Podcast

  • Best podcast!5star
    February 20, 2021 by Userdoeser from United States

    Sheri, Mr. Cruisetips TV, and Junior always deliver the best, upbeat, and heartwarming content. As a cruise and travel lover, their content has kept me in a positive mindset during the shut down and through my canceled cruises. Every week I look forward to listening to their podcast and catching up on their YouTube content. Thanks for all you do to keep this community going! See you on the high seas one day!

  • Great podcast!5star
    February 18, 2021 by Wmscott24 from United States

    Cruise tips tv unplugged is such a great podcast! It is always upbeat and positive and filled with great advice and tips. I enjoy the banter between Sheri and her husband. Can’t wait to get back cruising but in the meantime this helps me scratch my cruising itch.

  • The best podcast ever!5star
    February 6, 2021 by gnp_67 from United States

    Cruise tips tv unplugged is my favorite podcast I ever listened to! I absolutely agree that the “worst travel experiences make the best stories and I have a lot of those (2 taking place in heathrow). By far the worst was during a trip to Hawaii. We stayed four days before and had a great time. Soon into the trip we discovered that we had hurricane lane coming our way. The good part was we got an extra day out of the cruise. The bad side that that though was all of our flights were cancelled. There were 9 of us and we all had the same flight home originally. Also our itinerary got changed but we didn’t even mind that. But at three in the morning my dad went to change our flight at the phones in guest services because he was up early. It took three hours to get someone on the phone and at 6 we all had to wake up and say that he could handle our reservation. Someone in our party needed to be in first class so besides just saying that my dad can do her reservations she went on about getting first class. Anyway she hung the phone up with her chin and lost all of the work my did getting someone one the phone. As it turns out the people next to us on the phone took all of our seats that we were supposed to get. So we had to split up on three different flights. The two people who got first class were able to get on a early flight. Two of us had to stay an extra day and had to stay in a hotel which at the time was being used for people whose homes where damaged by the hurricane and five of us included me booked a 10 pm flight.. we got of the ship at 8am. So we spent 12 hours on the airport which closed during the day and it was empty. We actually had a good time while we were there. We had WiFi for the first time all week and we talked all day. So finally after many long hours we board the plane. All of the sudden it goes black. One of the engine goes out l. We had to stay for two hours on a dark plane and I fell asleep for a hour which was good. We now had a layover in lax which we didn’t have before for 4 hours, then our plane got delayed for two hours. We got home after 24 hours and we were beyond exhausted. In the dark because of the time difference. It was a long draining experience but we all got home safe and sound and looking back it was really funny.