5 Reasons You Need Packing Cubes

Packing cubes for a cruise

Packing cubes can take your cruise packing game to the next level.

You Need Packing Cubes For Your Cruise

We are big fans of packing cubes here at CruiseTipsTV. Seriously, I love ‘em, and I’ve got a closet full of them to prove it.  But, what’s the big deal with packing cubes, and why would you want them for your cruise? Well, I’m glad you asked, because we’ve got 5 solid reasons you might want … nope, I’m just gonna say it … why you need packing cubes for your cruise. Read ‘til the end because I’m going to throw in a bonus reason. 

#1:  Packing cubes help you keep things organized. For instance you can put all your shirts in one cube, pants in another, and socks and undergarments in still another.  Packing cubes come in all sizes and colors, so you could even organize things by cube size or color. This makes finding things super easy … without ripping everything out of your suitcase in a tangled mess.

#2: Packing cubes help keep clothes neat and minimize wrinkles. It’s true, but let’s be real, you’re always going to have wrinkles when packing clothes. But packing cubes keep neatly folded or tightly rolled clothes in place throughout your travels, and that’s going to reduce wrinkles.

Packing cubes help organize

#3: Packing cubes help you get the most out of your luggage space.  You’ll be able to compress your clothing more using packing cubes. There are also packing cubes specifically designed to compress your clothes before placing them in your suitcase, like THESE. Think of this as a better way of mashing the lid down on your suitcase.  Actually a way better way. Yes, I’m a reformed lid smasher. Oh, and here’s a tip; for bags with pull up handles, make sure to fill the gaps between the bars at the bottom of the suitcase before placing the cubes in. We often put socks or similar items in this space.

#4: Packing cubes are an excellent way to redistribute weight between luggage. Let’s say you find one of your bags overweight at the airport.  Rather than paying the weight fee, simply pull out a packing cube and transfer it to a lighter bag, or worst case scenario, take the packing cube on the plane as carry on. Believe me, trying to redistribute weight by grabbing handfuls of clothes, and stuffing them into another bag at the checkin counter line is not a fun experience. 

#5: Packing cubes help keep your cruise cabin organized. Most times we unpack on the ship, we simply transfer our packing cubes directly into the storage shelves. There’s really no reason to pull everything out.  Packing cubes stack up all nice and neat, and we know exactly where everything is. We have different colors for each of us, so we just pick a shelf, and bam, unpacked.

There’s our 5 reasons, but I promised you a bonus, so here it is. Reason number 6, you need packing cubes because they are the fashion accessory of the luggage world.  Am I right? Aren’t they cute? For a full assortment of our favorite cube styles and brands, check out our packing cube store HERE.

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