10 Travel products we’re loving! NEW for 2022

10 Essential Travel Products

10 Awesome travel products for 2022

Hey Cruisers!

Each year, it seems our travel style morphs a bit, and these past 6 months have been no exception. Cruise travel has changed in many ways, and as a result, some of our travel product preferences have too. 


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While there are still LOTS of tried and true favorites and essentials we love to pack on our cruises, like sani hands (the BEST non-sticky hand wipes on the planet!), magnetic hooks and clips to use on the metal walls, and my trusty passport holder (amazing for embarkation day!), there are some NEW (to us!) products we’re loving too. 

Essential new travel products

So, today, we’re peeling back the curtain on our Amazon cart and travel closet to share our favorite travel products we’re loving for 2022 with YOU!

Of course, we’ve gathered all of these into a shopping list which you can peruse HERE!

The number one selling travel product this year in our Amazon store has without a doubt been this non-surge power strip. With three AC outlets, 3 standard USB plugs, and a bonus USB-C charging port, they thought of everything with this thing! We still love USB hubs, but since we started traveling more and more with our laptops, we found we needed more AC outlets, and this did the trick. What my husband loves about this power strip is the right angle flat plug. If you know, you know.

10 Essential Travel Products

Now, you know it wouldn’t be CruiseTipsTV if we didn’t talk about my favorite travel organization hack, packing cubes! You can love ‘em or leave ‘em, but I’m a packing cube SUPER fan! Despite the fact that my packing cube storage bin is overflowing, I felt the urge to invest in a new set, and this adorable 6 piece flamingo print called my name for MONTHS before I made the investment. I LOVE the price point, and the fact that the set comes with a shoe bag and a small laundry bag. Oh, and they come in loads of prints and colors – flamingos OPTIONAL. SO handy!


But, not everything needs to be tucked inside a packing cube. Earlier this year, I stumbled upon this set of 15 stylish makeup & accessory bags. The name is misleading though- they hold everything from pens & highlighters to spare hairbands and bobby pins. They come in cute styles, like “boho” and “chic” and they’re meant to contain smaller items. I use them to keep my purse tidy, and to store things like hand sanitizing wipes, pens that could leak in my purse, and makeup brushes. The best part, they’re reusable! Oh, just be sure not to try to use these as your TSA bags at the airport. That’s not what they’re designed for.

10 Essential Travel Products

New travel products to help us stay healthy

Pivoting a bit to health and wellness for this next item, I’m loving these Airborne & Emergen-C Immune Support vitamins with zinc & Vitamin D. The whole family loves them, and they give us a little added peace of mind that we’re supporting our natural immunity. Zinc & Vitamin D have been shown to aid your immune system and metabolism function. We like to take these as a normal part of daily life, but we make an extra effort to ensure we get lots of Vitamin D and Zinc before and after we travel.

10 Essential Travel Products

Supergoop sunscreen actually made its way into our life in 2021 when we had an unfortunate incident with some white, sticky sunscreen in the Bahamas. That white residue is a BAD beat, and we vowed never again to apply sunscreen that made us look like we were covered in Zinc oxide from a cheesy 80’s movie. Enter Supergoop. It’s pricey, but glides on like a dream, and doesn’t leave a bit of residue on our skin. 

10 Essential Travel Products

New travel products to carry it all


As carry-on bags go, my tried and true Mia Tui Jenny bag has earned a lot of miles. I still love it, BUT I was looking for a soft sided alternative, with a little less weight for short trips or solo flight where I wanted to lighten my load. This blush pink quilted overnight bag checks all the boxes and has the requisite trolley sleeve I love. Plus, it has some added features too. One of which is space for my laptop, a necessity for business travel and blogging. It also comes in black if you’re not into the blush color, or you’re worried about stains. There’s even another version in olive green that we LOVE, partially because it has as a secret shoe compartment!

The same brand who makes the weekender carry on created a nice toiletry bag and jewelry roll, which I’ve worked into my rotation.  The jewelry roll is particularly appealing to me because it has a special place to put my rings, as well as an anti-tangle design for necklaces. Of course, there’s a handy pouch for miscellaneous jewelry too. They even have a mini jewelry travel case which is great for shorter trips, or if you don’t travel with much jewelry.

10 Essential Travel Products

The toiletry bag is a tad on the larger side, but can double as a stateroom accessory holder too. It has a handy hook for hanging in the closet, towel rack or back of your cruise bathroom door too. I don’t even bother with toiletry bags without hooks anymore, and one of the first things I do on a cruise is unpack my toiletry bag, and place it where it’s easy to access in the bathroom. 

Essential travel product for Alaska

I can’t remember a cruise season where I’ve heard more of our subscribers & readers share with me that they are headed to Alaska! So, this final tip is for our “last frontier” bound friends. Well, this tip is for every cruisers, but Alaska itineraries really call for this next item. After several cruises to Alaska, there’s one essential we’ll never leave behind (and trust me, we learned the hard way!). Yep, binoculars! This compact travel-friendly investment will ensure you don’t miss a waterfall, a wildlife spotting moment or a glacier calving.  

10 Essential Travel Products

If you’re a die-hard fan of my favorite old school combo, the passport wallet for nerds and the badge holder-turned-vaccine card protector, then you don’t need this next item. 

But if you’re a traveler who prefers to keep your passport tucked away, this passport & vaccine card combo is trending among cruisers, and is super handy during cruise check in. It comes in a myriad of colors, and you’ll feel kinda fancy flashing this puppy on embarkation day. Just sayin’. 

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this 2022 travel products refresh.

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