Seabourn Alaska Voyage Review

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Exterior
Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Exterior

What’s a Seabourn Alaska voyage really like?

In this podcast episode, we review our luxury sailing to Alaska with Seabourn. To paint the picture of what we covered in the podcast, scroll down to view some photos of the ship, food and ports!

You can see even more photos and videos from our voyage on Instagram and Facebook and of course, more YouTube content is on the way. 

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey - Pools
Seabourn Odyssey Pool Area

Seabourn’s smaller ships are UNCROWDED– it’s not uncommon to have a pool or hot tub to yourself or to indulge in a 5-minute conversation with a bartender. With views of the majestic scenery around every corner, Seabourn ships focus on being comfortable wherever you are, no matter the weather conditions.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Suite 626
Seabourn Odyssey Verandah Suite

On Seabourn Odyssey, all accommodations are Suites. That means you have more space, ample storage options and, a full bath and walk in closet. The included mini bar was restocked daily with sodas and beer and water was restocked too. We were amazed by how comfortable and sumptuous the bed was, and that quality sleep added to our experience.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey - Suite Bath
Seabourn Odyssey Verandah Suite Bathroom

We loved how the bathtub and shower were separate and the bathroom had double sinks. The storage is ample, and the marble touches made the area feel posh and fancy!

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Zodiac
Nathan from the Seabourn Ventures team briefs us on our day’s sights.

Ventures by Seabourn is the lines experiential way to get closer to Alaska. Of course, you can book traditional shore experiences with Seabourn, but ventures are up close, and personal kayak, zodiac, and hiking trips that are not to be missed.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey
Icy Strait Point

One thing we discovered about Icy Strait Point on our Seabourn voyage is that you don’t HAVE to book the tram or zip lining to have a wonderful day and enjoy the great outdoors. Simply walk along the rocky coastline, or take the free tram and return to the ship on foot.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Icy Strait Point
Icy Straight Point
Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Icy Strait Point - Tram
Icy Straight Point
Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Bubbles and Bathrobes
Seabourn Odyssey Bubbles N’Bathrobes Extravaganza

Seabourn delights its guests with little surprises around every corner. You may be treated to a galley tour complete with a buffet served by staff IN the galley! On colder sailings, you find blankets donning the chairs outdoors on chilly days. Deck parties, special events, and pop-up parties are the norm on Seabourn.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Bubbles Bathrobes
Seabourn Odyssey Bubbles N’Bathrobes Extravaganza

Then, there are unique pop-ups like Seabourn Odyssey’s bubbles n’ bathrobes extravaganza, where guests and team members gathered in the Inian Island Fjords for mulled wine, hot chocolate, and mimosas alongside caviar (because champagne and caviar are EVERYWHERE on Seabourn!).

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Food
Seabourn Odyssey Dessert

Guests can choose to dine where they want when they want. From elegant dinners in the restaurant to theme nights in the Colonnade (buffet for breakfast and lunch, table service for dinner), the focus on Seabourn is quality over quantity.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey Food
Seabourn Odyssey Main Course

We found that most days, there are special surprises. From Japanese night in the colonnade to a multi-course chef’s dinner in the main dining room and, of course, the incredible Grill by Thomas Keller.

Alaska 2023 Seabourn Odyssey - Wrangell
Wrangell, Alaska

Our visit to Wrangell, Alaska, was, unfortunately, a cold and drizzly one. Despite that, we donned our Seabourn umbrellas and jackets and headed out to shop, chat with the locals, and see what this tiny town had to offer. Everyone was so friendly, and we can’t wait to return on a less rainy day in the future to explore more.

Vancouver - Seabourn Odyssey
Canada Place and the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver

Lastly, we added a post-cruise night with a stay at the Pan Pacific hotel in Vancouver. The hotel is actually adjoined to the cruise terminal and provides the ultimate in convenience when cruising from Canada Place. We debarked Seabourn Odyssey by 9am, and unfortunately, it rained all day so our sightseeing plans were altered a bit.

We walked a few miles, toward Stanley Park, then returned to the hotel to wait for our room to be ready. We spent a few hours in the lobby bar and restaurant, watching the seaplanes and having coffee. I highly recommend the Pan Pacific, but the prices are high for your visit, consider hotels within a block of Canada Place for ease of getting to your ship.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief overview of Seabourn Odyssey. Lots more to come on YouTube, so be sure you’re subscribed!

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