Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Profile

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Profile

In this episode of the pod, we’re continuing our cruise line spotlight series, with a thorough Royal Caribbean cruise line profile. In this series, we cover the history of the cruise line, exactly what our subscribers think about the line, and what the future holds.

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CruiseTipsTV Unplugged Podcast Reviews

  • My absolute favorite!5star
    by HonBadWineO from United States

    CTTV is my go to source for cruise information and entertainment! The podcast specifically is packed with information. Sheri and Mr CTTV’s voices are soothing and pleasant to listen to. The content is well-research and thorough. Their positivity and genuine concern for their listeners and viewers is truly appreciated!

  • Tots5star
    by Swaraelibrick from United States

    Is there much more to say? “Tots. Only say tots. No I’m just kidding guys please write more than tots or Apple Podcasts will think we’re insane”. -Sheri I’m sure by now you’ll realise this is the best podcast ever.

  • Relaxed and Reassured5star
    by cljane from United States

    It’s a tumultuous time. Having a calm voice not speaking a doomsday prophecy and gathering together a cruising community is a true blessing. We can always count on a positive message tempered by a common sense attitude. I love that you did this particular unscheduled event showing how much you care about us. We care about you and you’ve demonstrated how much WE mean to you! Thanks for all you do!! One more thing, Sheri has the most soothing voice she needs to do voice overs professionally! ❤️

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