MSC Cruises Profile

MCS Cruises Profile Ocean Cay

The series continues with an MSC Cruises Profile

In this episode of the podcast, we’re continuing our cruise line spotlight series, with an in-depth MSC Cruises profile. In this series, we cover the history of the cruise line, exactly what our subscribers think about the line, and what the future holds. As always, you can email us your questions at

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What to know about MSC

So let’s dig in to our MSC Cruises profile. MSC Cruises is the fastest growing cruise line in the world. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is part of the Cruises Division of MSC Group, the privately-held Swiss-based shipping and logistics conglomerate.

MCS Cruises Profile Ocean Cay Lighthouse

MSC Cruises’ fleet of 17 modern and innovative ships is one of the most environmentally-advanced in the industry. The Company is committed to environmental stewardship and works to minimize and continuously reduce the environmental impact of its fleet both while at sea and ashore by employing innovative marine and environmental technologies.

An industry-unprecedented €11.6 billion (≈ $12.7 billion USD) plan will see MSC Cruises’ fleet increase to 25 ships by 2027. Additionally, MSC Group’s Cruises Division is investing an additional €2 billion in a new luxury cruise brand comprising four super-yacht ships, launching one per year between 2023 and 2026.Sailing to more than 200 destinations across five continents, MSC Cruises brings together more than 180 nationalities from around the world, offering an enriching and immersive cruise experience inspired by the Company’s European heritage. Expect to find international dining, world-class entertainment, award-winning family programs and the very latest guest-friendly technology on board.

Cool facts

No MSC Cruises Profile would be complete without mentioning some of the awesome things they’ve done.

MSC Foundation, the private non-profit foundation established to lead, focus and advance MSC Group’s conservation and humanitarian commitments, launched today #SuperCoralPlay, a campaign to raise awareness of the need to take action to protect and preserve coral reefs. The campaign is the result of a partnership between MSC Cruises – an MSC Group company – the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee (MSBHC), and 54 NFL players and influencers, such as Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry and broadcaster and retired NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez.

What you can Expect:

  • A European cruise experience
  • Beautiful ships
  • Their NEW Private Destination:
    • Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is in The Bahamas, 65 miles from Miami. Once an industrial sand excavation site, Ocean Cay has been transformed by MSC Cruises – its operator – into a private island destination with a flourishing marine reserve. The MSC Foundation, working in collaboration with a team of scientists and environmental experts, are identifying hardy species of coral, colloquially termed “Super Coral” , that have survived recent extreme ocean heat events and other impacts in the waters near the island. By conducting research and studying and propagating such types of coral species, it is considered possible to restore reefs while enhancing their tolerance to future environmental change. This can provide a life-line for coral reefs in the region and ensuring their future survival.
  • Customized “Experiences” designed to accommodate every need. Each comes with special perks and privileges
    • Bella
    • Fantastica
    • Aurea
    • MSC Yacht Club

What is the cruise line’s superpower?

The Yacht Club for sure!

Our best memories on MSC:

  • Our butlers norman and Putu on MSC Meravligia
  • The top sail lounge, front view, gazing out
  • White party on Seaside
  • Bridge of sighs on seaside
  • The Aurea spa and snow room on seaside – incredible spa experience on seaside
  • Getting my hair done on seaside

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    Sheri & her family provide a lot of information about cruises like what to do the day of your cruise & pre-cruise like creating a packing list & booking pre-cruise hotels & pre&post-cruise flights. Sheri provides a lot of cruise information on cttv podcast & vlogs. Since I started listening to the podcast last year & watching the vlogs for almost 5 years & reading some information on the cttv website I have booked 2 cruises on Royal Caribbean in the past & 2 cruise on Carnival & 1 cruise on Royal Caribbean in the future, not including the 3 cruises that I went on before I started listening & watching the podcast & vlogs & reading some info on their website.

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