5 Reasons To Cruise With Princess

Princess Cruises MedallionClass Ships

5 reasons why we can’t wait to sail with Princess Cruises again.

While MedallionClass cruising isn’t a NEW concept for Princess Cruises, there is something very exciting that has changed over the last year for the cruise line. In this week’s podcast we’ll talk about what has changed, what we are looking forward to, and why we can’t wait to cruise with Princess Cruises again.

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover.

  • From the very beginning, Princess led the way with their health and safety protocols.’
  • In fact, we created an article and video back in October about “is cruising safe” and at the center of that article was Princess’s health and safety protocols. 
  • Princess is determined to get it right, and we have no doubt they will. 
  • Sure, we’re biased. We’ve been on 10 Princess cruises already, so we love the product, but we think you’ll want to hear why.
  • The “standout” reason….Medallion. 

MedallionClass cruising makes the difference

When Princess Cruises sets sail once again, their entire fleet will be Medallion enabled. That means every Princess cruise will now be a medallion class cruise! We love the Medallion concept and why you should consider Princess Cruises.

First , lets talk about what the Medallion actually IS.  Princess MedallionClass™ vacations offers the best in contactless, personalized cruising. It starts with your OceanMedallion™, a quarter-sized, wearable device that replaces your cruise card, and enables everything from touch-free boarding to locating your friends and family anywhere on the ship, as well as convenient services like having whatever you need, delivered. 

Princess Cruises Medallion

So, why should you consider a Medallion Class Cruise? 

1. First, safety. we will feel a LOT more confident cruising know that the line has done everything they can to provide touchless experiences wherever possible.  The Medallion allows for a truly contactless cruise experience. While it may have been designed for convenience, the Medallion Technology is proving to be a great tool for touchless checkin, allowing for distancing when necessary which means YOU will find yourself in fewer situations where you’re at risk 

2. Convenience. Say goodbye to crowded muster stations. You can now complete the safety drill through a video you can watch in your stateroom, or on your device on embarkation day. Navigating the ship, and locating your loved ones.

3. Pampering & perks. Sometimes it the little things like having drinks delivered to you anywhere on the ship, but that’s not all. Here’s a list of a few more awesome perks.

  • Faster boarding
  • Best Wi-Fi at sea
  • Finding your way around the ship
  • Whatever you need, delivered
  • Locating friends & family on board
  • Bookmarking events
  • Easy stateroom entry
  • Family-friendly games
Princess Cruises Medallion Muster

4. The Medallion gives you choices. You can use it as much or as little as you’d like. Not wanting to bring more tech into your cruise? No problem- use it for the basics like embarkation and opening your stateroom door. Looking for the full experience, you can try Ocean Sportsbook to wager, realtime on sports while the ship is international waters. 

5. MedallionNet. As Princess puts it on their website: From sunbathing in the Caribbean to sake-tasting in Japan, some stories just can’t wait to be told. With MedallionNet, enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi at sea so you can share your memories on social media, stream your favorite music and connect with loved ones at home.

See our Royal Princess full ship tour here.

How to get Ocean Ready

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