Why We Love Packing Cubes


Have you ever wondered why we love packing cubes?

It’s NO secret we love packing cubes! Today, we’re sharing WHY we love them. In fact, we’ll give you five reasons why we love packing for cruises with these handy inventions we call packing cubes. You hear us talking about them all the time. We’re always touting the benefits, telling you that they’re awesome, fun to buy, and they come in a myriad of colors, but today we’re going to get into specifics.

Less is better

Less is better – especially when it comes to wrinkles. One of the main reasons we love packing cubes is that they keep your clothes neat while minimizing wrinkles. Let’s be clear though when you arrive at your cruise destination, or you go somewhere on a flight, your clothes aren’t going to be perfect. There’s no way to completely eradicate wrinkles. But putting your clothing items together, and folding them carefully in packing cubes (so they won’t slide around) helps minimizes the wrinkles. This is much better than having all your clothes jammed into your suitcase with just that suitcase-strap-thingy tied over the top of them.

Why we love packing cubes

Unpack and get organized faster

The number two reason we love packing cubes is that they help to keep our cruise cabin organized. Once you get on the ship and you take all of these little puppies out of your suitcase, you can just slide them right onto the shelves or into the drawers in your cruise cabin. If you wish, you can unpack them, but we typically don’t. We just unzip them and take the clothes right out of the packing cubes when we need them. In our family, each of us has our own different colored packing cubes. So it’s super easy to know who’s stuff is who’s.

Lift and shift made easy

The next reason we use packing cubes is that you can redistribute weight in your suitcase very easily. When you have things sub-sectioned off into packing cubes, you’re making it easier to move things around in a pinch.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve arrived at the airport & you’ve made it to the check-in counter. You’ve put your bags on the scale, and one of those bags is too heavy. Wah, wah, wahhhh!

Ah, but you packed with packing cubes. So, it’s no problem. Simply unzip the suitcase, take a packing cube out of one suitcase and move it to another. Or if you don’t have another suitcase, maybe you can fit it into your personal item, your backpack, or your second bag. Most packing cubes even have handles, so you could, in theory, just carry it on.

Why we love packing cubes

Maximize suitcase space

Packing cubes let you get the most out of your luggage space. In fact, they are designed to fit perfectly into most suitcases. If you watch any of our packing videos (like the one below), you’ll see exactly what we mean. Let’s be real here…the goal isn’t to pack more stuff into your suitcase (because that would make your suitcase too heavy), but you’re going to use the space well because you’re compartmentalizing the contents of your suitcase. You’re simplifying the packing process.

And you’re utilizing every nook and cranny of the suitcase. Everything is very organized and easy to pack and unpack. It’s not that you’re packing more stuff, it’s that you’re doing a better job and a more organized job of packing.

Everything in the right place

The final reason we love packing cubes is that it helps you find things easier. If you’ve got your cubes sectioned off into nice little segments, you know that the socks and underwear for junior are in one packing cube and that all of the swimsuits are in another cube. It simply helps you to find things a little bit easier when you’re on a cruise, or when you’re getting organized for a port visit.

Bonus round

We have a bonus tip for you today because five packing cube tips just isn’t enough.

Ready for this one…

I also have to admit, if I’m being totally honest, that I love packing cubes because they are the fashion accessory of the packing world, right? I mean, come on, you guys, they’re so cute. Take a look at our Amazon storefront, and you’ll see what I mean. They come in a bunch of different sizes and colors. There’s really something for everyone.

Why We Love Packing Cubes
So many fun colors and styles!

We have a full assortment of these packing cubes in our shop, which we’ve organized by color. So it’s really fun to shop through and find different types of cubes. Whether it be a medium size set, or a deluxe set complete with a bag for shoes. Packing cubes are great if it’s your first time cruising. Sometimes we just like to try some different sizes or colors. Compression cubes are also a fun thing to check out. If you’re like me you’ll have a great time shopping for them.

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