What’s It Like To Get A COVID Vaccine?

What's It Like To Get A Covid Vaccine

Wondering what it’s like to get a COVID vaccine?

We just got our COVID vaccine, and in the video below we’ll share our experience, and walk you through the vaccination process step by step. Your experience getting a COVID vaccine may be different depending on many factors, but he below video should give you a good general idea of the process. We’re also updating this article to share our symptoms, to provide a full account of this experience!

48 HOUR SYMPTOM REPORT: We’re happy to report that 2 days after receiving the COVID vaccine, our symptoms are GONE! Other than a slightly sore arm, we feel totally normal. It’s so nice to have our energy back.

24 HOUR SYMPTOM REPORT: We received our vaccines around 10am on a Monday. Mr. CruiseTipsTV felt normal all day, but I (Sheri) felt a bit off during the day following the COVID vaccine. My neck was sore, and I was just a wee bit unstable for lack of a better word. We went to bed at 9:30pm, exhausted from a long day of driving, work, an orthodontist appointment for Junior and prepping for our road trip. Like CLOCKWORK, at about 11:30pm, we both woke up with some intense (but entirely EXPECTED symptoms). I had shaking chills, body ache and a fever that was intensifying. Mr. CTTV felt hot to the touch and was a bit achy as well ON taking his temp, EEK!, we found that he was at 102.5 Fahrenheit, so we both decided to take some fever reducer. Neither of us slept well for the next few hours, but once our fevers broke, we were able to rest.

So, it seems we both developed symptoms 14 hours approximately after receiving the shot. We both feel okay today, but Mr. CTTV is more “back to normal” than I am on day 1. I’m still experiencing neck aches and feel like I got hit by a truck 24 hours after receiving the shot! But again, it was totally expected!

Why did we decide to get COVID vaccines now? Well, it is becoming apparent that proof of COVID vaccination will very likely be a requirement for cruise travel in the near future. We also feel like it’s the right thing to do for the safety of our family, and those we care about. Of course, we understand some many have different thoughts about getting the vaccine, and we respect that.

We’ve been seeing the direction the cruise lines are heading with their plans for a safe return to cruising, and most make some reference to vaccinations. For example, Norwegian Cruise Line will require 100% vaccination of guests and crew during initial relaunch consistent with CDC guidance on International Travel. In fact, NCL has made their case for safe cruising in a letter sent to the CDC outlining its plan to resume cruise operations from U.S. ports in July. You can see that letter here, but a core feature is vaccinations.

ge a COVID vaccination

Windstar Cruises also announced that until further notice, they will require proof of a current COVID-19 vaccination for all guests sailing aboard Windstar’s yachts. The cruise line arrived at the decision in the best health and wellness interests of its guests, crew, and the places the yachts visit. Many Windstar destinations and some airlines have announced or are considering vaccine mandates, providing further support for the new Windstar policy. Windstar is a leader in small-ship cruising with six, boutique all-suite and sailing yachts (carrying fewer than 350 guests each) that access the smaller ports, waterways, and destinations the large cruise ships cannot.

Guests sailing the new Royal Caribbean itineraries out of The Bahamas will also be required to provide proof of vaccinations. Celebrity Cruises has made similar arrangements for it’s UK “staycations” in which Celebrity Silhouette will embark on a series of six-to-eight-night itineraries around Britain’s coastline. Celebrity Silhouette will sail with all guests ages 18 and above vaccinated against COVID-19, and those under the age of 18 with negative PCR test results.

The writing is on the wall with this one, and like it or not, vaccines appear to be part of the safe return to cruising.

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