Waterproof Dry Backpack


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Hi Cruisers, In this video we try another surprise mystery product, but I’ve gotta say right up front it didn’t go well. Hubby got this really cool looking Waterproof Dry Backpack. We thought it would be a great item for beach type excursions. But right of the bat I found it to be a bit perplexing. It wasn’t obvious to me where to hook the backpack straps once the top was rolled down to water seal it. Now that I’ve seen the instructions without the specter of the camera rolling, it makes perfect sense. Sadly the trouble didn’t end there. When we tried to get it all sorted out off camera, the strap hook broke instantly. When something like that happens there is just no way we can recommend a product. Mr. CTTV did research this product thoroughly before buying it, and the majority of reviews on Amazon are favorable. It’s possible we just got a “one-off” faulty product. That said, we did find at least one review that mentioned broken hooks. We encourage you to take a look at the reviews yourself if you are interested in this product. For us it was a no go, and it went back to Amazon. Sometimes things just don’t work out.