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Wall mount itinerary Alaska

Our wall mount itinerary makes organizing a cinch!

I love a tidy stateroom. Of course, I’m on vacation and don’t want to spend precious down time cleaning up and making a fuss. But nothing makes me feel worse than coming back from a wonderful dinner, or day ashore to a messy cabin with clutter strewn all around the counters (or floors) on my cruise.

I know, I know, it’s a little high maintenance, but a clutter free cabin is SO nice and really helps me to feel like I’m on vacation. A few simple tips, like our wall mount itinerary, help to keep us feeling organized and clutter free!

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Where are we going again?

Best of all, everyone in your stateroom will know exactly where they are headed, and when, with a quick glance at the document. For us, it looks a little like this:

Husband: “Hey honey, what time do we pull into Puerto Vallarta tomorrow and do we have an excursion?”!

Me: “Uuuuuh, I can’t remember! Check the itinerary babe”!

Can you relate?

On most cruises, we film a cabin organization video to show other cruises how we stay organized and keep the spaces in our cruise stateroom neat and tidy (relatively tidy anyway). The item people are MOST interested in is a little 8X11 inch piece of paper hanging on my wall!

Wall mount itinerary Close view

At CruiseTipsTV, sharing is caring, so I’ve created a sample wall mount itinerary that you can download, and make your own. It’s super basic – no fancy editing skills needed, and we’d LOVE to see how you customize your work-of-art!  

Use the text link, or click the picture below to get started. But first, some tips!

Tips For Customizing Your Wall Mount Itinerary

Wall mount itinerary inside cabin
  • PLEASE READ: this itinerary will download as a zip file and is an editable Word Doc, which means you may not be able to view or edit it on your smartphone. Please download it from a desktop! If you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer, you should be able to edit it in Google Docs.
  • Once you’re on the ship, there are lots of ways to use your itinerary. You can affix it to the magnetic walls in your cabin using magnetic clips or hooks (these are amazing!!!!), or you can simply tuck it inside your cruise binder.
  • You can find detailed information about your port stops on the cruise line website under “itinerary” or “my itinerary”. It’s usually best if you’re logged in to your account, and looking at your trip in your cruise planner, cruise personalizer, etc.
  • A clutter-free cabin starts with the packing process. Shop our Stateroom Essential Store to stock up on some simple, low-cost items for your cruise, and watch our packing videos for a start-to-finish look at how we pack.
  • If you want to take your organizing to the next level, check out how we create a handy cruise binder in this quick video.
  • I like to laminate my itinerary. Costco has some good values on laminators, but this one has held up well for us over the years. If you don’t want to invest in a laminator, a good old sheet protector works great.
  • Before you shop for your cruise, check out our top best selling items for a cruise.

Download and edit our Sample Wall Mount Itinerary

Sample Wall Mount Itinerary

Download, personalize, and have a wonderful cruise! https://cruisetipstv.com/docs/Sample-Wall-Mount-Itinerary.zip

Visit our Stateroom Essentials Store for must-have organizing items.

How we use these itineraries for different ships & destinations:

We’d love to hear from you!

Have you customized your wall mount itinerary yet? We’d love to see it! Please feel free to direct message us on Instagram or Facebook with your masterpiece, your thoughts, and of course, your cruise questions! Until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas!

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