Relief Band 2.0 For Motion Sickness


Relief Band 2.0 is here!

We received such positive feedback on our video preview of the Reliefband 2.0 and we’re pleased to share you can now get $20 off your purchase of Reliefband 2.0 on with code SAVE20 through March 2018.

Hi Cruisers, We have been waiting for this product for quite a while. You may remember our video about the original Reliefband That was over a year ago now, and we have been eagerly awaiting Reliefband 2.0 since then. Reliefband 2.0 looks awesome and appears to be a major improvement over the band we reviewed last year. If you’ve ever suffered from sea sickness on a cruise, you know how quickly it can ruin your vacation. We have looked at many seasickness remedies, methods for preventing seasickness, and the causes of cruise ship sea sickness on this channel, and we have to say this is the most high tech approach to motions sickness relief we have seen. In this video we are just going to take a quick look at this awesome new product.