Princess Cruises Medallion – Carnival Ocean Medallion


Princess Ocean Medallion, very cool.

Hi Cruisers, In this weeks vlog we look at the Princess Cruises Medallion. Of course, since Princess is part of Carnival Corporation you could call this the Carnival Ocean Medallion as well. Ocean Medallion is getting a lot of attention lately thanks in part to CES and the Medallion’s introduction by Carnival CEO Arnold Donald, but also partly because it’s just super cool.  Along with the medallion there’ll be a new Ocean Medallion Class – i.e. Princess Medallion level. We’ll do our best to explain this in the video.  We’ll also tell you how to get the Ocean medallion, and show you a few photos of the Ocean Medallion wrist band and Ocean Medallion necklace. We’ll try to get into the cool features like Ocean Compass as much as possible, but there is still a lot that needs to come out. So, when does the Ocean Medallion come out? They’ll start with the Regal Princess Ocean Medallion in November, then the Royal Princess Ocean Medallion in Jan 2018, and next it will be Caribbean Princess Ocean Medallion in March 2018.  We’ll update you as we hear things.