Princess Cays 360


Hi Cruisers, In this Princess Cays 360 video we’ll give you a 360 degree look around Princess Cruise Line’s private Island. In order to view and (hopefully) appreciate this 360 degree video, you’ll need a compatible browser or mobile device. One thing we noticed with YouTube and 360 degree videos is YouTube will automatically drop QUALITY settings to 720p – this will look horrible on most hhscreens. You’ll want to adjust your settings to at least 1080p, or higher if your system will allow it. To change your view use the directional arrows in the upper left portion of your screen, or click drag directly on the screen. To change views using a mobile device simple swipe the screen, or even cooler, just physically move your device in the direction you want to view – right, left, up or down. Also, apologies for the shaky video. My husband is the expert on smooth video. Me, I need quite a bit more practice, but I promise I’ll work on it. We hope you enjoy this 360 degree look at Princess Cays. This video was taken during our 10 night Panama Canal cruise on the Caribbean Princess. You can check out the vlog associated with this video here: