Panama Canal Cruise – Day 6 Panama


We are rocking day 6 of our Panama Canal cruise

Hey Cruisers! It’s day six of our Caribbean Princess Panama Canal cruise, and I am up bright and early to catch our first pass through the Panama Canal locks. We found out early on that this was a really long and slow process. So instead of having hours of probably boring footage we have opted to use time-lapse for the majority of our passage through the canal. Sadly, the video quality does suffer a bit in that the results are quite shaky, but we couldn’t think of a better way to show the trip through the locks. I’ll give you a bit of information about the Panama Canal, and how the Panama Canal locks work as we show the time lapse footage. After we make our fist pass through the locks we will spend some time in Gatun lake. There are some great photo opportunities here, and since quite a few people have booked excursions, it’s a great time to explore the ship. Todays epic Panama Canal cruise vlog is sponsored by: