Packing Carry On Only For Caribbean Cruise – Kids


Packing Carry On Only

If you have watched any of our vlogs, you probably know we love cruising with our son. He’s a great traveler, and he’s always ready for new adventures. Like us though, he’s not crazy about waiting at luggage carousels, hauling heavy suitcases around airports, and doesn’t want us spending his fun money on extra baggage fees. So he’s all for us minimizing our luggage and flying with carry-on only. This trip we’ll be continuing our habit of packing carry on only for cruises where we have to fly to port. For our son, packing carry on is super easy, because his clothes are smaller and take up less space. We are getting better with this carry on only strategy, and we’ve got lots of packing tips for carry on only to share with you. We’ve split this video into three parts, and this is part three (packing carry on only for kids).