Packing Carry On Only For A 12 Night Cruise – Men’s Edition


Yes, we are packing carry on only for our 12 night cruise

If you’ve watched any of our previous videos, you know that when driving to port we tend to be pretty relaxed with our cruise packing. Some would say I’m am an over-packer. But when we fly it’s a whole different story. We don’t want to deal with baggage fees, waiting at luggage carousels, and hauling heavy suitcases around an airport. On this trip we’ll be continuing our habit of packing carry on only for cruises. We are starting to perfect this carry on only strategy, and we’ve got lots of packing tips for carry on only to share with you. We’ll be splitting the packing into three parts, and this is part one (packing carry on only for men). This time we’ll focus solely on carry on only for men (all my husband’s stuff), and next we’ll do a packing carry on only for a cruise with kids, or maybe packing for women.