Norwegian Bliss Family Inside Stateroom


Hi Cruisers, We are back with a look at a Norwegian Bliss Family Inside Stateroom, but first don’t forget our wonderful sponsor:

This video was taken on Norwegian Bliss’ inaugural cruise from Los Angeles. Norwegian was kind enough to open up several cabins so we could film. Sadly Mr. CTTV wasn’t with us on this cruise, so you may notice a little different style in the filming. In other words, it’s a bit shaky. However, if you just want to get an idea of the cabin size, and the available amenities in this stateroom, then this video should be fine for you. I start this cabin tour off with a wide look at the stateroom. Then I go over some of the storage options for this inside family stateroom. I also show you the bathroom and some of the storage and features in the cabin’s bathroom.