Norwegian Bliss Cruise Review – Day 2 vlog


Norwegian Bliss Cruise Review

Hi Cruisers, The Norwegian Bliss is just awesome. As you may know I was fortunate to be invited to sail on Norwegian Bliss’ inaugural cruise out of San Pedro. Our first day aboard Bliss was crazy, and now we are heading into day 2 of our Bliss cruise. You know things never goes as expected on a cruise, and I’m always ready for that. However, I wasn’t ready for my son to suddenly fall in love with the kids club. He has never stayed in a cruise ship kid’s club for more than a few minutes. Usually he goes in and comes out in less than 5 minutes. Norwegian Bliss’ kid’s club (Splash Academy) grabbed his interest and never let go. Seriously it was hard to get him to even come out to eat. I had planned all these mom and son activities, but instead I found myself wondering the ship for hours looking for things to film (and a drink here and there).