New York Design Compression Packing Cubes


New York Design Compression Packing Cube

Shop our store: Hey Cruisers, Welcome back to Gear-Athon. Hubby is always on the look out for fun new packing gear, and he’s especially watchful for things that are fun and functional. When he spotted these New York Design Compression Packing Cubes, he snatched them up in a New York minute! Okay, sorry for the silly joke, but these things are seriously fun. They are especially appropriate for anyone visiting the Big Apple.

You can check them out using the link below, but the full name of these is STRAPO Packing Cube Set – Compression cubes – Travel Cubes Organizer – New York Design. They were about $25 when we bought them on Amazon. True we have quite a few packing cubes by now, but these were just too cool to resist. It’s a 3 piece set with different sizes. If you’ve never heard of packing cubes, or compression cubes, and you’re wondering what they are for, you’ll want to check out some of our previous videos, but in a nutshell, these are all about organization. They’ll help you keep your cruise packing organized, and the compression feature helps you save a little space.

New York Design Compression Packing Cube: