New Princess Cruises Health Advisory


Princess is working hard to keep you safe and healthy.

Princess Cruises, on April 14th issued a 7-page Health Advisory, outlining “some of the actions we have taken or will be taking to ensure that our guests are able to sail safely and confidently”. The Princess Cruises Health Advisory is an extension of the line’s “Cruise with Confidence” policy.

“Your Health, Safety And Well-Being Are Our Highest Priority”

The new Princess Cruises health advisory outlines what passengers can expect prior to cruising, on embarkation, and onboard their ships. It also outlines what is expected of guests in advance of, and on their voyage.

Enhanced Flexibility Before You Cruise

One positive development for the future of cruising (in our opinion), is the security cruise lines will offer to guests who are ill, or have been exposed to illness.

In the past, it’s been very easy for guests to lie on their health questionnaire, for fear they’d not be permitted to sail, and would lose money on their cruise. We expect cruise lines to adapt in this area. Princess is paving the way with the Princess Cruises health advisory which states:

Guests and crew members meeting certain criteria will be unable to sail. Guests who are unable to sail because of a failure to meet the following criteria will be issued a full cruise credit or refund:

  • If you have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, or a person under monitoring for COVID-19.
  • If you are suffering from a fever or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation.
  • If you have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, or a person under monitoring for COVID-19.
  • If you are suffering from a fever or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation.

Princess urges guests, crew and service staff to notify them in advance to discuss the matter before traveling to the terminal for embarkation.

What To Expect Prior To Embarkation

The Health Advisory covers 4 areas of precaution to take place at the terminal.

  • Thermal Scanning of All Guests and Crew: The line will implement this “as soon as possible at all terminals globally” and states that all guests presenting with fever or flu like symptoms will be denied boarding.
  • Health Screening of All Guests and Crew: Princess medical experts, along with international health authorities have developed a written traveler’s declaration to be completed by guests and crew prior to boarding. Falsifying them will result in immediate disembarkation, or in some cases, legal action.
  • Enhanced Screening for Certain Guests and Crew: While the advisory doesn’t define “certain”, it does indicate that secondary screening will be conducted by medical staff in the terminal prior to embarkation.
  • Heightened Sanitation of Cruise Terminals: thorough cleaning and fogging at each terminal, as well as ample hand sanitizers in the terminal will be provided. Transfer buses will also be sanitized.

What to Expect on the Ship

Enhanced Sanitation and Health Measures are clearly and abundantly outlined in the advisory as follows:

Princess Cruises health advisory update
  • More frequent sanitizing of tables, chairs, menus and other surfaces in restaurants and bars before and after service hours.
  • More frequent open deck sanitation of sun loungers, outdoor furniture, mini-golf, sports equipment, handrails, etc.
  • Wherever possible, staff serves guest and crew food stations, including the buffet and ice cream machines. Where not possible due to layout restrictions, dedicated personnel are posted to monitor these stations and ensure they are cleaned and sanitized in a timely manner.
  • Stateroom surfaces and fixtures are thoroughly cleaned up to twice daily with particular attention to bathrooms and surfaces frequently touched.
  • More frequent cleaning and sanitization of public restrooms.
  • The temperature in our washers and dryers has been increased for enhanced disinfection of laundered goods, including bedding, tablecloths, towels, napkins, etc.
  • Guest launderettes are set at the highest washer/dryer temperature setting.
  • On some voyages, as an additional preventative step, guest-facing crew members may wear masks.
  • Steps to enforce crew hand-washing and providing more hand sanitizer dispensers in crew areas.
  • Daily Health Advisory and televised healthy tips communicated to all guests.
  • All public lounges and restrooms doors will be propped open to reduce door handle touchpoints.
  • Increased number of hand sanitizer dispensers at gangways and for water shuttle operations.
  • Increased onboard supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies

The above list is not inclusive of all the changes, and the full advisory is available for review at the end of this article.

What’s Expected of Guests

The health advisory strongly advises guests to take the following precautions to “prepare and prevent”:

New Princess Cruises Health Advisory
  • While onboard, if you experience any symptoms of respiratory illness,which may include fever, chills, cough or shortness of breath, contact the Medical Center, where you will receive a complimentary consultation.
  • Frequently wash hands and between washings, use of alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  • Get the flu vaccine.

In addition, guests are encouraged to:

  • Pack 14 days of extra medication.
  • Provide an accurate emergency contact prior to cruising in the cruise personalizer.
  • Enable an international travel plan with their mobile provider, prior to cruising.
  • Purchase travel protection.

Who Will Be Allowed To Cruise?

The advisory did not specifically outline restrictions on who will and will not be permitted to cruise, based on health and age limitations. However, the line did state; “Princess is actively developing several additional new health protocols, which we will share before our ships resume operations.”

Read the Full Princess Cruises Health Advisory

For more details, please review the full Princess Cruises health advisory.

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