Fun Cruise Questions From Instagram

cruise questions from Instagram

You’ve got cruise questions, we’ve got answers!

In this episode we answer cruise questions from our friends on Instagram. If you haven’t followed us on Instagram yet, pop on over to our Instagram page and check it out. We don’t go crazy with posts on Instagram, but we try keep it updated with fun stuff. 

This week we had a bunch of questions on Instagram, and we thought it was time to throw some Q&A love to our dedicated friends on the platform. We’ll talk about how we get our bearings the first day aboard ship, and when we’ll be cruising again. We had a lot of questions about our next cruise and the conditions surrounding the decision. 

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to the future of cruising. One topic that comes up frequently is how the cruise lines will handle buffets. We did an entire episode about our thoughts on how things might shape up for buffets on cruise ships. The episode is called “No more cruise buffets?”, and we’ve had a lot about positive feedback on it. We’ll talk a bit more about it in this podcast, but if you want more details, be sure to check out that episode.

Other topics for this weeks CruiseTipsTV Unplugged podcast include, thermal spas, luxury cruise ships, carry on only packing to Alaska, Royal Caribbean Key Program, favorite ports, kids clubs, and lots of general cruise chat.  And of course, Mr. CTTV is up to his typical podcast shenanigans. 

It’s a fun edition of the CruiseTipsTV Unplugged podcast. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. 

As always, you can email us your questions at We’d also LOVE if you’d leave a review where you listen to this podcast, and screen shot the show and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #cttvunplugged. Download our shore day bag checklist, and more cruise packing and planning checklists & videos by joining the CruiseTipsTV Academy. We have a special discount code for our podcast listeners. To redeem the $5.00 discount on our master class enter code UNPLUGGED at

Nice Reviews about CruiseTipsTV Unplugged Podcast

  • Hi light to my week5star
    by foremar from United States

    Sheri has the best voice for a podcast and is knowledgeable and eloquent. She and her husband have quick and fun banter in between the fascinating content about cruising and all the aspects of it. The pod usually goes live on Wednesday’s which breaks up the week in such a fun way. What better way than to talk about cruising? Keep up the good work Sheri!

  • Best podcast out there5star
    by Travel Letty from United States

    I’ve been cruising with my family since 2017, after I started having kids. Before that I never considered cruising because I always thought it was her older people and it was boring. While doing research for my 2018 cruise I came across this podcast. I got so much information out of this, and then I also found a YouTube channel.Now I’m hooked. I run every morning and can’t wait for my Wednesday or Thursday run so I can catch up on the new podcast. It’s Shari’s voice, and her wonderful connection with her husband that keep me listening. Seriously. She could be talking about anything, and probably sell me anything. Right now when we are not traveling it is also extra nice to have these podcasts as they keep us daydreaming and normalize the situation.The last perk of this podcast is how smoothly it runs. And when I started my own podcast about running (it’s called WE GOT THE RUNS), I used this one as a template. The two hosts are just so awesome and this is a perfect balance of information and humor and we can only aspire to be like them. Hopefully one day I will see them on the high seas!

  • I Think I Need Rehab5star
    by Sugarbear 899 from United States

    I am addicted! This is far and away the best podcast for cruisers! Add the podcast with the YouTube channel and suddenly I’ve become a cruise junkie. You guys have opened my eyes to the “carry on only” concept and I’m a believer! Carry on suitcase, check. Packing cubes, check. Pack it flat toiletry bag, check. Mia Tui Mini Jen, get the point. I love listening to you and Mr. CCTV and the obvious deep respect that you have for each other. It’s so refreshing. Thank you for making my commute so enjoyable! And maybe one day I’ll see YOU on the high seas! •Kathryn


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