Mediterranean Cruise Packing List: What to Pack When Cruising Europe

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Mediterranean cruise packing list and pro packing tips for your Mediterranean adventure!

We’re setting sail for the sparkling Mediterranean soon (yay!). That means my Mediterranean Cruise Packing List made its way onto my desk this week! I was admittedly nervous. What will the weather be like? Will my shoes be comfortable enough? Should I pack more dresses or more shorts and jeans?

It’s been a few years since I’ve cruised to this region, so I dusted off the packing list, did a little research, *and did some serious SHOPPING! Now, I can’t wait to share my Mediterranean Cruise Packing List with you! You can shop our Amazon Cruise Store ANYTIME to see our favorite cruise essentials for ANY cruise destination. We updated it weekly!

DISCLOSURE: *This article contains affiliate links, and we’ll earn a small commission when you shop our links.

So you’ve booked your dream European cruise to the Mediterranean, congrats! But before you get swept away in visions of turquoise waters, ancient ruins and charming piazzas, there’s that one crucial step: packing! You need a sensible Mediterranean cruise packing list. Don’t worry, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help you navigate the struggle to this unique destination. To help you conquer your packing list, I’m sharing all my essentials and some bonus tips for a smooth European cruise experience.

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What’s so different about packing for the Mediterranean?

Packing for a cruise to Europe is unique in a few ways. First, you’ll likely be doing a LOT of walking to visit those historic sites (think cobblestones, lots of steps, and uneven streets). Next, you’ll likely be taking a LONG flight to get to Europe to begin your cruise. You’ll need some flight essentials you may not normally pack, to make your flight more comfortable.

Lastly, the summer months in Europe are HOT, and we mean…sweat dripping, don’t-get-dehydrated levels of HOT! You’ll want to focus on comfort, ease, and layers to make the most of your suitcase space! Of course, if you’re traveling during a milder season, please feel free to modify the packing list (more pants vs shorts, long sleeves vs short, etc).

We’ve outlined a complete Mediterranean Cruise Packing List below, starting with Flight & Travel Essentials, then Stateroom and Hotel Items to Pack, and finally, CLOTHING! Read to the end for luggage recommendations and bonus tips! Beneath each section, you’ll find shoppable resources for each category (clothing, toiletries, etc).

In this Mediterranean Cruise Packing List, we’ll cover:

  • Pre-Cruise Essentials for Flight and Travel
  • Stateroom and Hotel Essentials
  • Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
  • Luggage and Personal Items
  • LOTS of “Hot Tips” throughout!

First things first, the essentials for your flight and travel:

  • Security first: Start with a crossbody bag (anti-theft optional), a small wallet, and a backup credit card (just in case!). Don’t forget your Euros and all your travel documents, including your passport, cruise boarding documents, and a handy folder to keep everything organized.
  • Comfort is key: Pack a scarf or pashmina for warmth on the plane and to cover your shoulders when visiting religious sites. A travel pillow, portable chargers, earbuds, and your favorite downloaded entertainment are lifesavers on long journeys.
  • Stay prepared: Sanitizing wipes, a sleep mask, snacks, a change of clothes, and a currency conversion app are all travel must-haves. Don’t forget to download a translation app – it can be a lifesaver when navigating foreign languages!
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Here’s a quick sample checklist for your flight and pre-cruise travel:

  • Crossbody bag: Pick one with anti-theft features (such as locks and RFID protection) for peace of mind. Here’s an assortment of both crossbody and anti-theft options. I’m also packing a small purse to wear around the ship.
  • Luggage & packing cubes: We’ll cover luggage fully at the end of this article. Be sure to grab some packing cubes to keep your suitcase organized!
  • Airplane tray table cover: This handy cover will keep your items organized and clean on a long international flight!
  • Universal phone holder: These amazing inventions can be affixed to the seat in front of you, OR used as a stand on your tray table. Great for use on the ship as well! I love using mine when I binge-watch Netflix shows on long flights!
  • Small wallet: Keep the essentials close and avoid bulky bags.
  • Backup credit card: Always good to have a plan B! HOT TIP: Pack a Visa or Mastercard, as American Express and other cards are not widely accepted abroad.
  • Euros: Get some cash exchanged beforehand for convenience. Another alternative- grab cash from an ATM at the airport, or ask your hotel concierge for a good ATM location nearby.
  • Travel documents: Keep passports and paperwork secure in a designated folder.
  • Cruise documents: Don’t forget these for smooth boarding!
  • Scarf or pashmina: Multi-functional for warmth, style, and covering up at religious sites. Also wonderful if your flight is chilly!
  • Cozy socks: A nice pair of fluffy socks, and/or travel size (foldable) slippers are a life saver for long flights! These slippers go on sale often, and are very lightweight and small for packing.
  • Travel pillow: Essential for those long flights. Typically, I pack a travel pillow for any flight exceeding 6 hours.
  • Portable chargers & cables: Stay connected throughout your trip. Here are some of our favorite chargers for a variety of situations. Some even have built-in cables.
  • Earbuds: Block out the noise and enjoy your entertainment.
  • Kindle or entertainment device: Download movies, shows, or books for offline enjoyment.
  • Sanitizing wipes: Keep them handy for cleaning on the go. I have two faves – these pre-packaged wipes for meals and shore excursions, and a big pack for flights and stateroom use. Both are alcohol-based and FAR superior to others I’ve tried!
  • Sleep mask: Block out light for a restful sleep on the plane.
  • Snacks: Pack some healthy and filling options for your journey.
  • Change of clothes: Be prepared for any unexpected spills or delays.
  • Translation app: A lifesaver for navigating language barriers.
  • Currency conversion app: Especially handy if you’re visiting multiple countries that don’t use Euros!
  • Airline & Cruiseline App: Be sure to download your airline and cruise line apps before you leave for your trip!
  • Cruise luggage tag holders: Label your bags after your flight for easy identification. You don’t want them falling off mid-flight.

RESOURCES: Shop flight essentials. Shop anti-theft bags. For a deeper look at exactly what I pack in my flight carry-on (sleep mask, pill carriers, etc), this list will help.

Stateroom & Hotel Essentials Packing List

Once you’re onboard (or in your pre-cruise hotel), these stateroom essentials will come in handy:

  • Travel adapter: Make sure it’s compatible with the countries you’re visiting. HOT TIP: When in doubt, you can buy a universal adapter that works in many countries.
  • Charging Solutions: You can choose from a variety of charging solutions for your stateroom and for days ashore. We suggest a USB hub for your stateroom, and 1-2 other chargers for your flight and excursion days.
  • Hamper: Keep your cabin tidy and organized with a travel-size hamper.
  • Magnetic clips and hooks: Maximize space and hang up clothes or towels (the walls of your stateroom MAY be metal) with these handy clips and hooks.
  • Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated and eco-friendly! A travel water bottle will come in handy on the flight, on excursions, and on the ship!
  • Wall mount itinerary: We have a free, customizable downloadable itinerary you can mount on your stateroom wall, or just carry with you. I slide mine into a sheet protector.

RESOURCES: Shop Stateroom Essentials.

Clothing & Accessories Packing List:

Mediterranean cruise packing list shoes
Mediterranean cruise packing list – Comfortable shoes are key

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff: Clothes and Accessories!

Below, we’ll loosely list quantities and items you may want to add to your Mediterranean Cruise Packing List. Be sure to lay out your outfits before your cruise, to ensure they match. Better yet, try anything on that you haven’t worn for 6 months to ensure it still fits. Nothing is worse than grabbing a dress or suit out of your closet, only to find it just doesn’t make you feel good. Our bodies change over time, and through the seasons, so this tip is critical.

  • Swimwear essentials: Pack one swimsuit or cover-up, and if you’re cruising during the summer months or simply love those beach days, you might want to bring more.
  • Shirts: 5-10 comfortable shirts (one per day of your cruise, and 1 per travel day).  Pack a mix of comfortable, breathable shirts (including sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved options), shorts, and capri-style pants for different weather conditions. HOT TIP: Don’t forget a shawl or pashmina for extra warmth and to cover up for religious sites.
  • Be prepared for breezy weather: Pack 1 hoodie or light sweater, and a light jacket if you’re traveling outside the summer months. One sweater should be enough for a 7-night cruise if you’re traveling during the summer months.
  • Daytime Casual WearMix and Match: Choose 3-4 pairs of shorts, jeans, or light pants to create various outfit combinations with the tops you’ve chosen.
  • Don’t forget the basics: Pack pajamas, undergarments, and socks. Rule of thumb on undies: pack 2 per day of your cruise. You’ll likely shower and change after long days of sightseeing, before dinner.
  • Dress to impress: For a 7-night cruise, pack 5 casual dresses (or suits/dress shirts & slacks with ties) for nighttime wear, and 2 elegant or formal dresses or suits for me for special occasions. If your cruise line has formal or “elegant” evenings, Here are some formal wear looks (dresses, shoes, and accessories) to get you started!
  • Accessorize: Pack your favorite sunglasses, hat, and jewelry to complete your look.
  • Toiletries and first aid: Pack all your essentials, and don’t forget bandaids – trust me, your feet will thank you! You can find a full list of toiletries in this Packing List Article. In general, you’ll want to pack cosmetics, toiletries, travel-size quantities of skin and hair care products, essential medications, and any other day-to-day essentials you may need. HOT TIP: If you tend to get motion sickness, consider packing motion sickness remedies.
  • Shoes for every occasion: Most people can cruise the Mediterranean comfortably with 3-4 pairs of shoes. Here’s how this breaks down. Pack comfortable walking shoes or sneakers, flip flops or sandals for the pool, wedges or sandals for casual dinners, and formal shoes for elegant nights. HOT TIP: if there is just ONE piece of advice you take away from this Mediterranean Cruise Packing List – it is to pack worn-in shoes ONLY. Packing new shoes is a recipe for blisters and discomfort, and that is no way to spend your cruise! Wear your shoes around the house, or town for a few weeks before your cruise. You’ll thank me later!
  • Bonus tip: Pack a lightweight tote bag for beach days, pool visits, and longer excursions.

RESOURCES: Shop Cruise Fashion for Men & Women, Shop Plus Size Fashion for Women, Shop Cozy Shoes for a Cruise. Motion sickness remedies are also a great help! Grab a lightweight tote for pool, beach and shore-ex convenience.

This video contains tips and OUTFIT Ideas for your Mediterranean Cruise Packing List!

MORE Tips!

  • Leave space for souvenirs! You’ll want to remember your trip with some special mementos. Pack a suitcase (or personal item) that will allow a bit of extra space for those treasures!
  • Download the weather forecast: Pack accordingly for your destinations a few weeks before your trip.

Choosing Luggage and Travel Bags

Why We Love Packing Cubes
So many fun colors and styles!
  • This carry-on suitcase is expandable and is sold by one of our favorite brands, Level 8!
  • This curated list of carry-on luggage, luggage sets, and personal items will get you started!
  • The right personal item bag makes ALL the difference. For the perfect “slides over your carry-on” bag for men and women, try this weekender bag.
  • We love this personal item too, as it slides nicely under the seat in front of you on the flight. It’s also hard side (vs fabric), so it doesn’t get as dirty as the fabric alternatives.
  • Here’s a selection of our favorite packing cubes to get you more organized!
  • If you’re in search of a camera backpack, here’s one we bought for my husband’s gear.
  • Don’t forget packing cubes! Not familiar with them? Here are 5 reasons we love ’em, and how to use them!

And that’s it, cruise fam! With this handy Mediterranean Cruise Packing List and bonus tips, you’re all set to conquer the Mediterranean in style and comfort. Now, go forth and explore! With these tips and my handy Mediterranean Cruise Packing List, you’re all set for an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure! Bon voyage and HAPPY PLANNING!

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Suitcases are kind of a personal thing, IMO. Mine are “tried and true,” but they are old and scratched up, and I gravitate toward them for good reason! They work! With that said, here are some of my favorite brands and styles of suitcases, weekenders, personal item bags and full-size rolling luggage for your Mediterranean Cruise Packing List:

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