Introducing Fernando De Oliveira: 25 Years At The Heart of Silversea Cruises


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(Monaco — July 25, 2019)
The Chairman’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society, Fernando de Oliveira joined Silversea Cruises 25 years ago, in 1994 — the same year the cruise line launched. During his time at the heart of Silversea’s family, Fernando has befriended thousands of the cruise line’s discerning guests, travelling aboard World Cruises and Venetian Society sailings.

Many guests would consider Fernando’s presence as being a primary reason to sail; he is charismatic, extremely personable and speaks seven languages, which is useful when conversing with guests from around the world. He understands better than most what makes the Silversea experience special to so many travellers.

“When I first joined Silversea in 1994, the cruise line had only one ship. But the qualities that enabled Silversea to grow into an industry-leading travel company are the same qualities that today make the cruise line entirely unique,” he says.

“Put simply, it’s a club that travels. We have so many Venetian Society guests who come year after year because they feel so at home on board. Our guests seamlessly explore remarkable destinations like the West Coast of Africa, Antarctica, the Galapagos archipelago and remote islands in the South Pacific, while enjoying the comforts of home – from fine food to likeminded friends.

They can sample the local cuisine and witness authentic experiences – like tribal ceremonies or bespoke cultural events, for example – but they can return to the ship to relax in comfort. They sip on cold champagne or their drink of choice, served the way they like it; dine on steak, lobster and caviar; enjoy immersive performances in the theatre; and sleep in comfortable beds.”

Fernando also identifies Silversea’s onboard team as being integral to guests’ enjoyment – an aspect that has excelled since he joined the cruise line in 1994:

“A sense of intimacy is really what makes our service the best at sea: our bar tenders gets to know that Mr. Smith enjoys a martini with two olives; our restaurant manager reserves a special table by the window for Mrs. Garcia, because she likes to admire the view while dining; our pool attendants prepare a sun bed in the shade for Ms. Jones – just the way she likes it. It only takes a few days for our team to get to know our guests on a personal level. These personal touches are what set Silversea’s service apart. They really do turn a great voyage into a truly unforgettable experience.

Whenever I speak to our guests one-on-one, I try to address them in their own language, to strengthen the rapport. I also learn the names of up to 500 guests, because each of our guests is unique and every single person joins our family. Using handwritten invitations, I invite as many different guests as possible to dine with me each night throughout the course of a voyage and we really get to know each other on a personal level. On many occasions, I have even welcomed our guests to my home and, in turn, I have gone to stay with them around the world. I consider them my family. Our ships are intimate enough to develop very strong bonds; we get to know each other as friends and explore the world together.”

“I have known Fernando de Oliveira as a close personal friend for many, many years,” says Manfredi Lefebvre, Silversea’s Executive Chairman. “With the passing of time, I am increasingly sure that he is the perfect ambassador for our valued Venetian Society, insomuch as his character and skills reflect those of our guests: Fernando is personable, eloquent, knowledgeable and intelligent. He has always had a strong desire to discover the authentic beauty of our planet, which means that his passion enriches each and every moment for our guests, as they travel the world together.”

Fernando looks forward to welcoming guests aboard Silversea’s annual Venetian Society sailing in October, in addition to the Legends of Cruising World Cruise in 2020 and the Finest World Tour in 2021.

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