How To Pick Travel Insurance, And Other Burning Cruise Questions


The New Year is here! Happy 2019 and thank you for your support and friendship over the past 5 years. Today we’re throwing back to our old school Cruise Q&A style weekly vlog and answering some Subbie questions. We’ll be answering cruise questions like: How to pick a cruise, how to choose travel insurance for a cruise, what to expect getting on a cruise ship, what is room service like on a cruise, do children need passports on a cruise, cruise excursion ideas, what is tendering on a cruise, how cruise accounts work with shared cabins, international cruise tips, how to keep valuables safe on cruise excursions, how do future cruise deposits work, how much cash to take on a cruise, which is better Mr. Sanchos or Nachi Cacom, what’s the dress code for main dining room on a cruise, how to carry your passports and boarding pass safely. Be SURE you’re subscribed to our channel to catch the premiere of our day 1 cruise vlog this week!