How Rude – Cruise Passenger Behavior Idiosyncrasies

rude cruise passengers

Today we talk about some cruise passenger behaviors that could be construed as rude

In this podcast we discuss a controversial topic; rude cruise passengers. We’ve all encountered them in some fashion on every cruise. Rude behavior is sometimes in the eyes of the beholder, but most people will agree with at least one of these descriptions of rude behavior. We’re going to dig deep into this topic, but if you just want a quick rundown, check out the list below. So what bothers you the most? Is it the producer? 

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  1. The Town Drunk: You’ll hear them coming from a mile away. Or if you’re lucky, they’ll end up RIGHT next to you at every bar you visit AND in the MDR. 
  2. The Hallway Hog: Instead of walking single file, they walk side by side in busy areas like hallways making it impossible for others to pass
  3. Hands off Parents: Who let their children run wild. Notice, we didn’t blame the kids here. 
  4. Noisemaker: You know, that person who says “hey Rickieeeee!” when they’re 100 yards away from Rickie… These people also talk during shows. They are, in general, not aware of noise pollution and also play their blue tooth speaker loudly on their balcony at odd hours. Worst yet, they let their cabin door slam shut. 
  5. The Jerk: That cruise passenger who thinks its okay to be rude to the crew, and does it in such a way that others can clearly hear. They complain about their drinks, they complain about weather changes and port stop changes, and gripe that the show SUCKED, they even compare cruise lines. Loudly. They also have an conniption for when the ice cream machine closes down for routine servicing. They believe everyone is in the ship To serve them.
  6. The Producer: Now, this one may shock you, since we vlog our cruises, and quite frequently walk around with cameras, but this cruise passenger can be the worst. The producer is the cruise guest who obnoxiously places their tripod in front of others, or pushes their way to the front of the line with their camera to film something. Their photo is clearly more important than your photo. Or your fun. 
  7. The Cheapskate: They remove their tips, complain on social media and message boards about the quality of the food, and demand to speak with management when their french onion soup isn’t EXACTLY served at 107 degrees fahrenheit. 
  8. The Rule Breaker: They don’t wear masks, they wear ripped jean shorts to the dining room on formal night and insist on swimming when the pool is closed. Oh, and worst of all, they cut in lines. At embarkation, at the buffet, everywhere. Pool chair hogs fall info this category. 
  9. Gangway Crowder: This person shows up at the gangway at 6am when the cruise director says the gangway opens at 7am. They want OFF the ship and they don’t care of the port authorities have cleared the ship. 
  10. Elevator Idiots: These people just generally disregard known elevator etiquette. 
rude cruise passengers free range kids
“Free range kids” can disrupt a relaxing poolside cruise experience.

Bonus: One more to leave you with – The Buffet BANDITO!

They cut in line at the buffet, grab stuff with their hands and make off with all the crab legs.

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  • Love the show!
    May 11, 2024 by Wonderlust3 from United States

    I stumbled across your show while I prepare for my 1st cruise in 12/2024. I’m going from Mobile, Al to Belize and Cozumel on a 7 day cruise. It’s w/Carnival. It will be with my husband and our 2 children. It’s my kids’ birthday who are turning 15 and 13. Their birthdays are just a few days apart. We decided to celebrate big this year! I’m so excited! I hope to become an avid cruiser. I travel a lot anyway. I love the idea of cruising already! I have planned 3 previous cruises but had to cancel because the the 1st and 2nd time I ended up pregnant and too far along & the 3rd time I got COVID. This is the 4th time and I’m not letting anything stop me! lol I love the show. I love how funny you guys are! All the info is great. Can you do an updated podcast of what to pack for an embarking bag? Can you please give me more info on what to expect on my 1st cruise? Thank you so much for all of your great advice, information, and funny comments! Keep it up!

    May 8, 2024 by Elainemast from United States

    I’ve been listening to CruiseTipsTV for several years and I’m finally leaving a review. It started watching their content, when we went on our very first cruise in 2017. I absolutely look forward to listening to their podcast and it just makes me happy! I love the banter between Mr. CruiseTipsTV and Sherri! They are always so positive but also realistic. They also give so many tips and advice! Currently, I am mowing our yard and have them in my ears and it’s just getting me excited for our next cruise! Keep up the wonderful content and podcast! Y’all are the best! Elaine

  • Nice people, fun to listen to
    April 14, 2024 by janiemac13 from United States

    Very relatable host(s) who it’s easy to feel like you’re just sitting at a table with while they talk and banter enthusiastically about cruise stuff. Working hard for our attention, and I appreciate that.

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