What’s your cruise personality?

Find your cruise personality

Find your cruise personality

We’ve been thinking about an article on “Cruise personalities” for quite a while now, but we’ve been apprehensive.  After all, we certainly would not want to inadvertently discourage someone from trying a different cruise line based on our generalizations. And while we do think there is validity in the notion that cruise lines have personalities, there are so many variables. In addition to that is the fact that it’s all subject to personal perception.  

What we decided to do instead is explain some of these variables in a video, and then have a little fun with OUR take on cruise personality.  When we first started looking at cruises, we would sometimes hear things like “that line is for partiers, or this line is for singles or seniors”.  That kind of generalization is what I mean by personality. Ultimately, this notion is born out of the idea that you should find the line that best matches your personality.

Before we get into the cruise personality quiz, you should also know that the lines do try market and position themselves as distinctive in certain lifestyle areas. For example, Disney obviously wants to be the Family & kids line, and Carnival’s “The Fun Ship” campaign speaks to this as well. Other examples include Celebrity’s attempt to appeal to spa travelers and Royal Caribbean’s fitness push. These efforts to carve out niches can definitely affect perception; but what we are more interested in are the generalities cruisers themselves determine. 

With that said, let’s have some fun. We stitched that all our information together into a quiz. Now is it scientific? No, of course not. Is it accurate? In a word, no. Should you base any decision on the results. Nope.  Alright, so the thing is worthless. Why should you try it? Because it’s fun, and we made it just for you. So check it out.

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What's your cruise personality?