Every Cruiser Needs Control Tips!


What exactly are “Control Tips”? You’ve got to watch this super fun, super quick video to find out. You may know that this year CruiseTipsTV attended SeaTrade Global 2018. We met up with Porthole’s own Bill Panoff, and filmed this exceedingly fun video. If you love to cruise, you need to check this fun little video out. We think Bill has some super valuable cruise tips to share. It was an honor to meet Cruise Control’s, Bill Panoff at SeaTrade Global 2018, the largest gathering of Cruise Industry Executives in the world. If you’re not already subscribed to Bill’s channel, be sure to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOPT0wcyD-Sq8GYQjLzYV-A

Be sure to watch this video to the end! It’s so funny.