Essential Items for Packing for an Alaska Cruise

Alaska Cruise Essentials

Essential Items for Packing for an Alaska Cruise

These 10 Alaska Cruise Essentials will make a difference on your Alaska cruise! So, add these to your packing list!


10 Alaska Cruise Packing do’s and don’ts:
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Don’t Let These 10 Alaska Cruise Mistakes RUIN Your Cruise!
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All jackets & outerwear shown:
Waterproof shoes: Women’s LIGHT hiking boot-
Men’s LIGHT hiking boot:
Men’s light waterproof shoe:
More shoes for a cruise:
Sneak erasers:
Lightweight backpack (unisex):
Hand warmers:
Dry socks: Men- & Women-
Waterproof socks:
Compression Packing Cubes:
Packing cubes seen on thumbnail:
Travel binoculars:
Sling bag or belt bag:
Waterproof luggage tag holders – all cruise lines
Luggage Tags for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity:
MORE Alaska Cruise Essentials:
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  • Pack waterproof or water-resistant shoes
  • Water-resistant socks to keep feet dry
  • Sneaker erasers to keep shoes clean
  • Lightweight backpack for shore excursions
  • Individual hand warmers to combat cold
  • Compression packing cubes to help pack efficiently
  • Layering with outerwear like rain jackets and fleece
  • Travel binoculars for spotting wildlife
  • Sling bag or belt bag for easy carrying
  • Waterproof luggage tags to protect tags from getting soggy
  • Foldable pop-up travel hamper to keep the stateroom tidy

In this video, we’ll provide helpful tips for packing for an Alaska cruise. We recommend small, practical items that can greatly enhance the cruise experience in Alaska without taking up much space. We’ll talk about the importance of packing waterproof or water-resistant shoes and matching water-resistant socks to keep feet dry during rainy excursions.

Waterproof shoes - Alaska cruise mistakes
Waterproof shoes – Alaska cruise

Another recommended item is the “sneaker erasers” for keeping shoes clean, especially useful for white soles. A lightweight backpack and hand warmers are suggested for shore days to stay warm and prepared. We’ll also cover the benefit of compression packing cubes for efficient packing, especially for bulky items like outerwear.

Layering is crucial for Alaska, with emphasis on packing rain jackets, fleece, and warm layers. Travel binoculars are essential for wildlife spotting. Sling or belt bags are suggested for easy carrying, and waterproof luggage tags are recommended to protect tags from getting soggy in the rain.

You should also consider a foldable pop-up travel hamper to keep the stateroom tidy. She mentions additional resources like Alaska packing lists, dos and don’ts articles, and customizable itineraries. Throughout the video, she encourages viewer engagement by asking for comments on their genius Alaska cruise packing items.

This video provides a fun and informative approach to packing for an Alaska cruise. It offers practical tips for selecting items that enhance comfort and convenience without adding bulk to your luggage. The comprehensive list of suggested items covers a range of necessities, from footwear to accessories like binoculars and sling bags, ensuring that cruisers will be well-prepared for their Alaskan adventure.

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