Embarkation Carry On and Princess WiFi – Vlog


Hi Cruisers, We are back with our regular cruise vlog this week.  Big thanks to our sponsor Cruiseline.com. In this week’s cruise vlog we kick things off with a question about what to pack in a cruise embarkation carry on bag. We have more info’ in this video: https://youtu.be/sb62JGOqyko. We had some feedback on our super fun Royal Caribbean Tips & Money Saving Tricks video (https://youtu.be/ab4CH0DKl7s), from a subscriber that says another way to save money is to wait for until the last minute for awesome deals. I also offer up my opinion on flying to port on the same day as embarkation (spoiler: I think you should avoid it whenever possible).  And of course we have more tips, tricks and subscriber questions.