Cruise Ship Main Dining Room Tips

Cruise Ship Main Dining Room Tips
Carnival Panorama Main Dining room brunch

Cruise ship main dining room tips and tricks

Today on the podcast we are talking about 10 cruise ship main dining room tips you need to know NOW.

Recently, we produced a video called:  10 cruise ship main dining room tips you need to know NOW. The video was well received, and our community offered even more tips and tricks to help ensure your cruise ship’s main dining room experience is the best it can be in 2022! Here are those 10 tips, along with MORE to help you enjoy the MDR, stress-free!

Here are some of the topics we’ll be going over in this podcast:

  • Go to maître d’ office hours on day 1
  • Check out the menus before dinner
  • Communicate any food allergies
  • Order what you want
  • Ask the server for their recommendations
  • Try things you wouldn’t eat at home
  • Try the MDR for breakfast or lunch
  • If you have an issue, speak to your server or the maître d’
  • Bring your own drink before dinner
  • Know that night one can be a little hectic

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Here’s what people are saying about the CruiseTipsTV Unplugged Podcast

  • Love this podcast - so many tips!
    November 8, 2023 by Berrmic from United States

    I’ve listened to many cruise related podcasts and this is the best by far. So many wonderful tips! I’ve become a carry-on only traveler because of CTTV and love being able to avoid the long walk to retrieve my luggage. I took the cruise line personality quiz on the CTTV website and we absolutely loved our first Holland America cruise. Much better fit than our previous cruises. I am always going back to previous episodes to pick up tips and advice I may have missed. Thank you CTTV!

  • Great podcast!
    October 25, 2023 by Soiffey72 from United States

    This is a great and fun podcast with such practical and useful information.

  • Best podcast ever!!
    September 2, 2023 by Orla H. from United States

    I started listening to the podcast about a month ago. They are so helpful for anyone who is taking a cruise, first or 50th. I’m going on my second cruise soon and just from listening I booked another! Thanks so much for giving me so many tips for my next cruise.