Cruise Credit Tracker Debuts

Cruise Credit Tracker debuts from Shipmate

First-Ever Cruise Credit Tracker Debuts on Shipmate App

Cruise Credit Tracker Example - Partial Credit Used

WILMINGTON, MA, January 19, 2021 – The Shipmate app, powered by, today announced it has debuted the first-ever tool of its type for the cruise industry, a feature allowing users to track all their Cruise Credits in one convenient place. The tracker will allow users to organize all of the information for their Future Cruise Credits (FCC’s), Book on Board credits, or any other miscellaneous credits issued by a cruise line in one centralized location, making it easier for passengers to use for booking a cruise or knowing when and how to use their credit. The tracker is an international tool, and can be used for all cruise lines globally.

Shipmate’s Cruise Credit Tracker came about based on feedback received from its community members on how difficult it was becoming to keep up with credits being issued from the cruise lines. Some users reported that they were using everything from post-it notes, to scraps of loose-leaf paper to personally organize all of the information for their FCC’s. Shipmate took this feedback and created a tool that keeps all cruise credit information in one location, within the app. In addition to tracking FCC’s on canceled sailings, the tracker can be used to track future booking certificates that were made onboard a previous sailing.

Functions of the Shipmate Cruise Credit Tracker Include the Ability to Track 

  • Which Cruise Line Issued The Credit
  • Certificate ID
  • Name of the Individual Holding FCC
  • Amount of Credit 
  • Type of Credit 
  • By What Date The Credit Must Be Booked
  • By What Sail Date Credit Must Be Used
  • Status – Has the credit been fully or partially used?
  • Notes Section

With the addition of the Future Cruise Credit Tracker, the Shipmate app can now be used as a comprehensive destination to keep all of a user’s cruise history as well as information on upcoming cruises right in one centralized location. 

Cruise Credit Tracker Example

“If you had a cruise booked for 2020 or possibly 2021, it’s likely you have a Future Cruise Credit that has a lot of details to keep up with. There’s the book by dates, when it must be used, amount of the credit, and so much more.

Based on the feedback we’ve gotten from our community, it can be a very confusing process with a lot of deadlines and information that the passenger has to keep up with,” said Michael Siegle, Product Management Director of Shipmate. “We knew there had to be an easier way to keep track of these details for credit holders, so we created  a comprehensive Cruise Credit Tracker that stores all of the information you need for an FCC in one place.” 

For users wanting to explore ways of how to use their Future Cruise Credit, Shipmate is home to an array of advice and tools to help plan a dream vacation. Shipmate has everything from advanced cruise searching features, tools to find the best deals on cruises, onshore excursion booking, and a variety of helpful user-submitted content from an authentic community of cruisers. 

Vacationers planning a cruise will find that the community of Shipmate is one of the best destinations to find information and answers to questions about cruise ships and ports. The forums on Shipmate are packed with fellow cruisers eager to share reviews, tips, and photos of their past voyages. Everyone from seasoned sailors to cruise newcomers is guaranteed to find helpful tools for their next cruise on Shipmate. 

To download or learn more about the Shipmate app please visit:

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