Cooking Guy’s Burgers Live – Tantalizing Fun!


Today we are cooking Guy’s Burgers live in the CruiseTipsTV Kitchen!

In this special episode, we’re blending two things we love, cruising, and food! 

There’s lot of terrific food on Carnival Cruises, and when Carnival teamed up with Food Network personality Guy Fieri, they took their pool-side food game to the next level. We always look forward to a delicious Guy’s Burger on Carnival. Since we can’t cruise right now, we decide to try the next best thing.

We’re going to try making one of these bad-boys ourselves, live. We’ve gathered up all the ingredients, stoked up the BBQ, and powered on the cameras. How is it going to turn out? Will cooking Guy’s burgers at home be as good as the real thing? What exactly does it take, and how will we be cooking Guy’s burgers?

We’ll try to answer all those questions (and more) in this video.

You’re gonna need this.

Cooking guy's burgers BBQ sauce

One thing we knew before we started was that we’d have to get the official Guy’s BBQ sauce. We just didn’t think it would be the same if we didn’t have the right sauce. So we bought a three pack on Amazon, and I gotta say I really like it.

You can also get the BBQ Sauce Used in this recipe with our affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. If you’ve ever been to a Guy’s Burger joint on Carnival, then you know there are lots of burgers to choose from. We had to decide which one we were going to make.

Cooking Guy's Burgers Live

To help us decide, we stopped by Carnival’s website, and we found the recipe for one of the best burgers. Yep, we’re recreating the famous “Ringer Burger”. This is one serious burger! It’s packed with cheese, onion rings, donkey sauce, and more.

We think cooking Guy’s Burgers is a great way to bring the cruise experience home. Want to join in? See how we put this burger together, and drool over the delicious ingredients in this burger (wait ’til you see the Donkey Sauce- it’s super easy to make at home).

OR, fetch some ingredients, and cook right along with us. Use the Guy’s Burger recipe from Carnival Cruise Line’s website as a starting point, and modify the recipe to serve the number of people you’re cooking for. We cut the donkey sauce recipe in half, and tripled the meat and burger ingredients to serve three people.

Wanna see more from our Comfort Cooking with Sheri series? Check out our previous video where we mix up Magic Green Sauce in a 5-minute recipe.    

Comfort cooking with Sheri

Thanks so much for reading along! We hope you’ve enjoyed this cooking experiment! Please feel free to direct message us on Instagram or Facebook with your thoughts, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas!

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