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CruiseTipsTV has tons of articles, news and videos dedicated to the review of cruise, and travel products. We review cruise products we have used, and trust. We will also feature discount and dollar store products along with tips about cruising on a budget.

Should You Buy A GoPro For Your Cruise?

Hi Cruisers, Today we are taking a look at the KING of action cameras, and the question should you buy a GoPro for your...

Cruise Ship Luggage Tags

Our first video on our NEW YouTube channel! Please subscribe if you are interested in this new content. Hi Cruisers! Yes, we've actually done a...

Pocket Vault Hidden Travel Belt Wallet RFID Blocker

Hi, It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV with a quick look at an inexpensive, and ingenious little item every cruiser might want to consider.  It’s something...

USB Charging Hub

In this video we look at solving the outlet shortage problem without a power strip. Hi Cruisers, It’s Sheri with another quick tip. One problem...

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes! A great way to pack for a cruise. Hey Cruisers! Today we have some more packing tips for cruising. We bought packing cubes,...

Ikea Packing Cubes

Need a good packing tip for your first cruise? Consider packing cubes.  Today we look at a great deal on packing cubes.  Packing cubes will...

FeatherPak – Foldable & Packable Backpack

We have often recommend packing a small foldable daypack for souvenirs.  In this video we take a close look at our new favorite, the...




Travelon Id and Passport Holder

Travelon Id and Passport Holder Hey Cruisers, It's time to join the #cruisenerd team! Yes, it's true, I'm a cruise nerd. One look at me on...