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CruiseTipsTV has added podcasts to their list of cruise resources. Tune in every Wednesday to hear the latest from the CruiseTipsTV Unplugged Podcasts. There are many podcasts out there, but this is the only one to feature Sheri and Mr. CTTV.

Getting in cruise shape

Getting Into Awesome Cruise Shape

Getting in cruise shape On this week’s episode, we’re talking about the concept of getting into optimal cruise shape before a cruise. We discuss the...
Things we wish we'd known before our first cruise

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Cruise

Wish we'd know these before our first cruise On this week's podcast we are going to be sharing a list of things we wish we'd...
MSC Cruises MSC Meraviglia review

MSC Meraviglia Review

MSC Meraviglia review On this week's podcast, we're sharing our MSC Meraviglia review of our March 2019 cruise. In this interview style episode, Mr. Cruise Tips...
Top 5 Cruise Questions

Our Awesome Top 5 Cruise Questions

Your top 5 cruise questions On this week's podcast, we're covering the top 5 Cruise Questions from our subscribers and listeners. Over the past 6 years,...
Cruising for kids

Cruising for Kids Fun: Adorable Interview with Junior Editor

Cruising for kids On this week's podcast episode it's all about cruising for kids. We've invited our son on the show for our first ever...
Embarrassing cruise stories

Funny Cruise Stories and Things Not To Be Embarrassed About

Don't be embarrassed about those cruise stories On this week's podcast episode, we're sharing some embarrassing cruise stories, as well as some things you should...
Cruise Tips TV Cruise confessions

Cruise Confessions: Revelations from Sheri & Mr CTTV

Cruise confessions This week, we're making some cruise confessions. If you've followed the CruiseTipsTV family for a while, you probably know us pretty well, but...
How to pack the ultimate shore day bag

Ultimate Shore Day Bag Easy Tips

Getting your shore day bag right can make or break your port day  This week, we're discussing what to pack in your shore day bag....
Book your own shore excursions

5 Tips For Booking Your Own Shore Excursions

Thinking about booking your own shore excursions?  Hey cruisers! Today we’re covering the top 5 things that are essential to consider if you’re booking your...
CruiseTipsTV cruise philosophy

Cruise Philosophy – 6 Tips To Make Every Cruise The Best...

Our Cruise Philosophy  Today we’re covering a topic that’s a bit sensitive, but it’s really important to us and defines who we are and how...




Mal de debarquement syndrome MdDS Treatment, Symptoms and Resources

Hi Cruisers,  A little while ago one of our subscribers asked us if we had any episodes regarding seasickness after disembarkation, a condition called...

The Ultimate Shore Day Bag

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