Carry On Only Packing For A Cruise – Hit’s & Misses


Carry on only, here’s what worked and what didn’t

Hi Cruisers, Join us for our livestream when we take a look back at our carry on only packing for a cruise. But first help us thank our sponsor, and visit

So, if you have been following our vlogs lately, you know we took on the challenge of taking carry on only for our last cruise. Usually packing light for a cruise is not my strong area. I tend to be a bit of an over-packing. Since we were flying to port rather than driving, we decided it would be a good time to see if we could pull off carry on only. We talked about our plan, and even showed you how and what we were packing in our previous pack with me video: Yes, I showed the wrong size TSA approved liquids bags in that video, but did we make other mistakes with our carry on only plan? What did we do right planning our cruise packing strategy? Find out when we go live to discuss our carry on only packing for a cruise hits and misses.