Carnival Panorama Trip Review: Day 3 – at Sea

Carnival Panorama 80s deck party
Carnival Panorama 80’s deck party

Carnival Panorama Trip Review Day 3

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Today, on our second sea day, Carnival Panorama passed Cabo San Lucas mid-afternoon, and the weather continued to warm throughout the day. We’re headed South toward Puerto Vallarta, tomorrow’s port stop. As I mentioned in yesterday’s trip review, Sea Days no longer bore us (thank you, pandemic), and this one was no exception.

Things are about to get GOOD. Be sure to read to the end for a full account of the 80’s Deck Party for some glow-in-the-dark cruise fun.

Slammin’ Sea Day Fun – Spa & Spaghetti

I started by day with a spa treatment I’ve always wanted to try. Yesterday, Mr. CTTV won a $50 gift card at the spa raffle, which he generously gifted to me. That made the price of the Ionithermie treatment I’d always been curious about a bit easier to swallow ($189 came down to $139), so I figured I’d give it a try.

Carnival Panorama Cloud 9 Spa Check In
Carnival Panorama Cloud 9 Spa Check In

Carnival describes this treatment as follows: “The toning and firming effects of this treatment are ideal for both women and men looking for body corrective therapy. This detoxification treatment will reduce the appearance of cellulite ~ firm and tone the skin ~ cleanse the body ~ and promote inch loss (up to 8 inches) in just one session. Using two gentle stimuli ~ your therapist will focus on problem areas such as the stomach ~ thighs and buttocks. By propelling marine rich elements into affected areas ~ this treatment can drain fluid ~ smooth the skin and give the body more definition.”

I showed up for my treatment at 8am, got undressed and I’ll tell you in laymans terms how the rest of it went down.

Linda, the knowledgeable spa professional, rubbed my thighs with algae, took three measurements on each leg, then asked me to lay on top of the mud that she’d slathered on the table. Then she wrapped me in some mud soaked cloth, applied the electrodes to my legs, and asked me if she could turn them on. Eeek! I have an irrational fear of being electrocuted, so we had to take this part of the party SLOWLY. My hands were sweating, and the little zaps were freaking me out.

Linda did an excellent job of adjusting the level of the electrode stimuli, calming me down, assuring me I was safe, and before I knew it, I was mud-wrapped and being (safely) zapped for maximum results. I stayed in that position for 30 minutes at which time she told me to stand up, and she took a second set of measurements.

Carnival Panorama Cloud 9 Spa Ionithermie Treatment
Carnival Panorama Cloud 9 Spa Ionithermie Treatment

I’d lost 1 3/4 inches total off both legs (that’s combining 6 measurement points), and I will say, my thighs did feel a wee bit trimmer. Here are a few good things to know about this treatment: 1.) It’s not meant to be relaxing (no massage, etc). 2.) Multiple treatments are recommended, for longer term results. I chose just one for budgetary reasons. 3.) The whole process takes just over an hour.

Tip: If you don’t want to buy products or additional services during your treatment, it’s okay to say so up front, so the team knows not to continue upselling. They’re doing their job, but you are entitled to not be “sold” to at any spa if that’s your preference. Just speak up.

After my Ionithermie treatment, I was ready for some coffee and “me time”. Plenty of time for this, knowing the boys would still be asleep with the “one hour forward” time change the night before. I grabbed a surprisingly tasty cup of joe from the buffet, and headed to the Serenity Deck, just one deck above our stateroom where I caught up on some work, and slipped into a vacant Serenity Hot Tub for a while. Aaaaah….

Carnival Panorama Serenity Jacuzzi
Carnival Panorama Serenity Jacuzzi

Feeling hunger set in, I grabbed the boys and we headed back to Seaday Brunch. We love the ocean views and wonderful service in the MDR, and we were ready to try some new menu items today.

I had a Mediterranean salad and Frittata, my husband ordered a custom omelet and the parfait, and Junior had the 12 hour french toast. The french toast was exquisite, and enormously sized. It was the perfect combination of a custardy center and a crisp outer layer.

Carnival Panorama 12 Hour French Toast
Carnival Panorama 12 Hour French Toast

After brunch, we immediately headed for Guy’s Smokehouse Brewhouse to grab the parched pig beer sampler. For research purposes, right? I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I’d been wanting to try one of these samplers since day 1 of our cruise, and never got around to it. Carnival Panorama brews some of their own beers onboard, and they get rave reviews.

For $6.50, I had generous portions of a porter, IPA, ale, and amber beers. The bartender threw in a lager too (Ooh La La). The beer was delicious, but it filled me up fast, so I couldn’t get through the whole thing (I highly recommend you try this though!). Guy’s Smokehouse doesn’t open for dinner until 5pm, but they do offer free lunch outdoors on embarkation and sea days. It’s a buffet, but the food is delicious, and plentiful.

Carnival Panorama Guys Pig and Anchor Beer Flight
Carnival Panorama Guys Pig and Anchor Beer Flight

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the ship – checking out all the nooks and crannies we’d missed the first two days. It was fun to roam deck by deck, and along the way, hide our #CruisingDucks – our first time trying out this tradition on a cruise.

Carnival Panorama Cruise Ducks
Carnival Panorama Cruising Ducks

Before we knew it, evening was upon us, and it was time to have dinner and some serious deck party fun!

Foodie Fun

For dinner, we’d booked 7:30pm reservations at Cucina del Capitano, the Italian restaurant onboard. At just $15 for adults and $5 for kids, this upcharge dining spot does not disappoint, and we consider it a great value. Dress code is casual, and the venue is located high atop the ship, one deck up from the Lido Buffet.

The menu offers nice selections, and adults choose one starter, one main, one side and one dessert.

Junior had the Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs (Mama’s Spaghetti and Meatballs) for his entree and Cannoli for dessert.

Carnival Panorama Cucina del Capitano Spaghetti
Carnival Panorama Cucina del Capitano Spaghetti

I chose the Insalata di Rucola to start, papardelli for my main, and the crostata for dessert.

My husband started with the meatball appetizer, chicken parm for the main, spaghetti for the side (it doesn’t come with the chicken parm) and the biscotti for dessert.

I’m shortening the menu item names for brevity, but you can see the full menu here. We’ll show off all the food in our upcoming vlogs soon as well.

Daily Highlight – a Totally Tubular Deck Party!

Since we booked this cruise, we were looking forward to the infamous Carnival Panorama 80’s Deck Party. We love theme nights, and 80’s music. Put those two things together, and our neon-wearin’, Guns & Roses singin’ family is ONBOARD.

But, when you add Lee Mason, the Cruise Director to the mix, magic happens. Lee brings the energy (without being corny), gets everyone dancing (explaining moves in a way you’ll remember – like “Shakira, Shakira, Shakira, Beyonce!”). Not only that, he somehow rocked rainbow leg warmers. No, he OWNED those leg warmers.

After downing my Dirty Mojito (also for research purposes), we got a front row spot near the pool to record all the action for our vlogs. Lee started the party off with some awesome audience participation & 80’s tunes from faves like Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Guns & Roses, Tina Turner, & Dire Straits. He grabbed two decked out cruisers from the audience and pitted them against each other in an 80’s style name that tune match – Human League, Soft Cell, Frankie Goes to Hollywood… you get the idea. The crowd went wild – even the people playing along from the pool.

Carnival Panorama 80s deck party crowd
Carnival Panorama 80’s deck party crowd

Here’s where it got extra memorable for us. Junior was hanging with me in the front row, and Lee apparently saw him singing EVERY word of Guns & Roses tune, Sweet Child of Mine. Shortly thereafter, Junior got pulled onto the “stage” for a little showdown with another audience member, dressed as Slash. It was a full on faux guitar battle, with audience applause to select the winner. Junior ended up with his first ever ship on a stick, and “Slash” got himself a nice bottle of champagne. Everybody wins at the 80’s party.

We can’t wait for the second theme night, the White Deck Party, later in the cruise.

These are moments when we’re so glad we film so many elements of our lives. We’ll never forget it, and it made a “totally bitch’n” night even more tubular.

Drink of the Day

The Dirty Mojito at the Red Frog Rum Bar gave me a little liquid courage just before the 80’s party. Dark rum is what makes it “dirty” and let’s just say this – you’ll feel it!

Carnival Panorama Dirty Mojito
Carnival Panorama Dirty Mojito

Venue of the Day

Located on Deck 5 aft, The Havana Bar, Carnival Panorama’s Latin Themed nightspot is open to all guests, not just those staying in Havana staterooms. By night, an awesome band plays and guests can be found dancing and enjoying a full array of cocktails, and coffee drinks. Cuban coffee lovers will dig the Cafecito & Cortadito choices, while cocktail lovers can try the Havana Especial (rum, maraschino liqueur, and fresh pineapple). Of course, a classic Mojito, Cuban Iced Tea, and Papa Doble are also on the Havana Bar menu.

Shipboard Activities We Missed Today

We strolled by the main theatre mid day while Deal or No Deal was going on. The audience was loving the game show, (shouting “Deal!” or “No Deal!” to the lucky contestant on stage) and it was well attended.

Carnival Panorama Deal or No Deal
Carnival Panorama Deal or No Deal

Also hoppin’, the Piano Bar Sing Along with Scott. Always a Carnival Fave!

Soulbound in the main theatre played as well, and with our later dinner reservations (our choice) we just haven’t had time for the production shows on this cruise. Yet!

Fun Fact

Watch out! The SplashZone on Carnival Panorama has 40 spray toys. You won’t stay dry for long! 🙂

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