Asia Cruise Day 1 – Los Angeles To Yokohama


Cruise Tips TV Asia cruise vlog day 1

In this video, we kick off our Asia Cruise series. It’s a 12 night cruise on the Diamond Princess, and we’ll visit Tokyo, Shimizu, Osaka, Taipei (Keelung), Hong Kong, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam, and Singapore.

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We start off this cruise vlog first thing in the morning with a lovely Los Angeles sunrise, and then we are off to LAX for some Airport adventure. Once we are on the plane we’ll give you a look at our seat assignments. We paid a little bit more for a tiny bit of extra space for the long flight. And it was a very long flight, but really not too bad. We had lots of movies, and tasty plane snacks! When we arrive in Yokohama we really have two main goals: 1. Money exchange in the Airport, and 2. Finding a bus to our hotel. We had done some research on getting these things done, and it really helped. We knew right where to go, and we’ll give you a quick look at the process. At the Hotel, I’ll give you a look at our accommodations. Lastly we’ll take your for a walk around Yokohama’s ChinaTown, and show you some of the many food options.