Are These Now the Future Cruising Guidelines?


Is Princess’s Cruises New Health Advisory the model for future cruising guidelines?

In this video we take a look at the steps Princess Cruises is taking to shore up the future of cruising. Last week, they issued a new 7 page Health Advisory, as part of their overall Cruise with Confidence initiative. You can read a full rundown of this advisory on here. We are going to walk you through this document section by section.

The document itself is quite lengthy, but we think it is the shape of things to come for the cruise industry. What we hope to do with this video is make this release a bit easier to understand, and perhaps get this important information out to potential cruisers.

Future cruising guidelines

If you’re like us, then you’re very concerned about the future, and struggling to find answers. We are really pleased that Princess Cruises has stepped up, and are leading by example with their news releases, and proactive measures. It’s a difficult time for all the cruise lines right now, and from a business standpoint, we don’t know what constitutes a “smart” plan for news releases. Speaking for us cruisers, however, we think the more information we have, the better.

Getting back to the document- in essence, it outlines some of the actions they have taken or will be taking to ensure that guests are able to “sail safely and confidently”. Those actions include new pre-cruise procedures, enhanced sanitation onboard, and special expectations from guests. 

It will cover things like what to expect before your cruise, during embarkation, and measures being implemented shipboard. At the moment this is the most comprehensive plan we have seen, and while it may not represent the totality of all future cruising guidelines, we think it’s an excellent step in the right direction.

Read the Full Princess Cruises Health Advisory

For more details, please review the full Princess Cruises health advisory.

See Princess’s Video featuring Jan Swartz, President of Princess Cruises