Answering Cruise Questions Live


Answering Cruise Questions

Hey Cruisers, We are back answering cruise questions. Yes, it’s time for another March Muster Q&A. There’s definitely a lot to talk about this week. We have never had to deal with anything like what we are dealing with now. If you have questions about the state of cruising, and what’s next, well, you’re not alone. Let’s bring our wonderful cruising community together this Thursday, and see if we can make sense of all this crazy cruise news together.

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Should you be booking a cruise now? Are there good deals on future cruises? Should you buy travel insurance for your next cruise? Maybe you have general questions about cruising like how tipping works on a cruise.  Are you curious about what to pack for a cruise? What about what to wear on formal nights? Is cruising is still safe?   Is booking your own excursions a good idea? Want to know how to pack carry on only? 

Once this storm passes, Contact Our travel agency partner, Montebello Dream Vacations: Let Wendy know you were referred by CruiseTipsTV when you call. Wendy will match you with the best agent for your needs, and an agent will give you a call back! Phone number is on the website:   What are your questions about cruising? Are you looking for a nice friendly forum for getting cruise questions answered? If so, join us for this live Q&A session where we’ll be answering your questions.

Not sure what to pack? Struggling to choose a cruise line? Come chat with us, and our terrific community! We have a fantastic and super welcoming cruising community, and if I can’t answer your question, the odds are our community can.  Oh, and before you go, be SURE you’re subscribed to our channel to catch all of our upcoming travel vlogs. If you like “stuff” for your cruise, check out our other channel CruiseGear We are have lots of fun new cruise goodies lined up for review. It’s gonna be great!  Want more? The CTTV Academy is here! 20 how-to vids, packing lists and a private Facebook page for students and coaches.   

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