A Virtual Trip To The Dollar Store

A trip to the dollar store

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the dollar store for cruise shopping.

In this episode we’re taking a virtual trip to the dollar store. Shopping has always been a great way for us to get amped up for a cruise, but we always have to be smart about spending. Dollar stores can be a good option for this. Since we can’t get out now, we thought a virtual trip via podcast might be fun.

We’ve put together a companion article about a trip to the dollar store, and 10 awesome dollar store finds for a cruise, but here is a quick look at that list:

      1. Dollar store shopping for a cruise antibacterialTravel sized first aid kit
      2. Strong magnets
      3. Toiletries and sunscreen
      4. Cabin decorations
      5. Cabin organization stuff
      6. Tealights and nightlights
      7. Clips of all kinds
      8. Travel sized popup hamper
      9. Hand sanitizer 
      10. Shower cap

It doesn’t stop there

Stopping at 10 items is HARD. We could go on all day about the treasures that await you at the dollar store. Here are a few other goodies you may want to consider:

      • SnacksDollar store shopping for a cruise sticky notes
      • Books
      • Pill Cases
      • Flashlights
      • Pens & Highlighters
      • Games & Crosswords (for adults and kids)
      • Magnetic white boards
      • Accordion-style wallets/folders for receipts
      • Travel Water Bottles
      • Toys

Want more? Dollar Store Shop With Us!

If you’d like to roam the aisles with us on our trip to the dollar store, check out this fun video! We find some unexpected treasures, and discover great values! Stay til the end to see our dollar store shopping haul!

Have you ever been to Five Below? Join us on our first ever trip to Five Below to budget shop for a cruise! There are some REAL treasures at this store!

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  • Informative & Delightful
    March 28, 2023 by Cruising In Wonderland from United States

    I found Cruise Tips Tv on YouTube because of their amazing ship tour of the Carnival Miracle a few years ago. I quickly fell in love with their channel & followed to their podcast & Insta account. They have really been an asset to my cruise planning with so many amazing and thorough tips, tricks & reviews. I always recommend them to anyone going on a cruise, but I like listening and watching their vlogs just for fun or if I miss being on a cruise ship too! They are very professional, but also very personable. I absolutely love their genuine personalities, and the way they value each other speaks to me most. You can tell family & integrity is important and that makes everything they do so enjoyable!

  • Made me a cruise expert
    March 22, 2023 by MK OKAYY from United States

    I have fallen in love with cruising, and Cruise Tips TV has become a regular part of my life now. Cruising is wonderful, but I do think there is a learning gap for people used to land vacations. My first cruise, I made all the mistakes. Second cruise, overcompensated and made all new mistakes. Then, I found Cruise Tips TV and it improved my cruising experience ten-fold. Now, I always have a cruise booked that I’m looking forward to. I follow Sherri and fam to keep up to date and to keep my excitement alive for my next sail. My partner and I are planning our first Alaska cruise with Princess this May. Truly, I would never have tried an Alaska cruise without Cruise Tips TV’s vlogs, videos, and podcasts about cruising the last frontier. I’m big on knowing what to expect, and they have made me feel very prepared for what I can predict, and ready to embrace surprises I can’t. My partner and I are planning to have a packing date night a couple weeks prior to our cruise. I’ll have packing cubes, the Alaska packing list, and cruise-inspired cocktails handy. And I’ll have the podcast playing in the background of course. Thanks so much for all your work and content.

  • Fun and helpful!
    March 16, 2023 by soccergirl0011 from United States

    I just came across this podcast a couple days ago and I am currently binging! I’m planning an Alaska cruise in 2024 so I’m getting all the helpful tips and tricks!


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