8 Out of the Box Cruise Destinations

Cruise Destination Russia St Petersburg

We’re day dreaming about out of the box cruise destinations, some of which we didn’t even know existed.

In this episode of the podcast we look at eight “out of the box” cruise destinations you may not have heard of. As always, you can email us your questions at podcast@cruisetipstv.com. We’d also LOVE if you’d leave a review where you listen to this podcast, and screenshot the show and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #cttvunplugged.

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Our list of 8 out of the box cruise destinations

  • Egypt and the Nile on Uniworld’s SS Sphinx!
  • River cruise through Russia
  • Cruise through the Amazon
  • Mekong from Vietnam to Cambodia
  • India Maldives & Sri Lanka
  • The Suez Canal – Dubai to Rome
  • The Great Lakes

Here’s what other’s are saying about CruiseTipsTV Unplugged

  • Absolutely Outstanding - with Bonus Content5star
    by BiggerBlessings from United States

    I began listening to podcasts to keep me motivated to a brisk walk for 30 minutes or more per day. And my non-guilty pleasure (I don’t feel guilty, at all) is cruising. Cruising has given my hubby and I some great times away together and some great times at home dreaming about our next destination. I’m hesitant to try new podcast content because people’s voices or mannerisms (or opinions treated as fact) can easily grate; but, I’m so glad I gave your podcasts a try. I’m now listening to all the new content each week; but also listening to older content to keep my exercise promise fresh and doable. I learn something every. single. time. I listen, wow! But what is this “bonus content” I hinted about in the title? It’s the way you model a healthy, fun marriage based on friendship and respect; along with the way you model great parenting where you encourage (and never demean or complain about) junior. In a world where every TV commercial involves making our men out to be dunderheads, it’s super refreshing to hear your fun banter based on respect and lifting each other up!!

  • Very knowledgeable about all things cruise related5star
    by Cruise_Baker_girl from United States

    Sheri & her family provide a lot of information about cruises like what to do the day of your cruise & pre-cruise like creating a packing list & booking pre-cruise hotels & pre&post-cruise flights. Sheri provides a lot of cruise information on cttv podcast & vlogs. Since I started listening to the podcast last year & watching the vlogs for almost 5 years & reading some information on the cttv website I have booked 2 cruises on Royal Caribbean in the past & 2 cruise on Carnival & 1 cruise on Royal Caribbean in the future, not including the 3 cruises that I went on before I started listening & watching the podcast & vlogs & reading some info on their website.

  • Ear Candies for Cruisers, if you catch my drift.5star
    by Quizz517 from Canada

    Sheri, Mr CTTV and Junior Editor create highly addictive content that might change your life. Be warned, they surely changed mine. Not only is their Family as warm as Caribbean seas, but their lifestyle of Happy Travelers is pure inspiration. They are always positive Podcasters that opened my horizons to the sea of cruising possibilities. I love that they are so welcoming to the new sailers like myself, and I appreciate their knowledge and passion for cruising. I cannot imagine my Wednesdays without their Podcast, and every new Youtube video makes me as happy as a seagull with a french fry. Do yourself a favour and dive right in this sea of information that this lovely Family equips you with. Oh, and have I mentioned that both Sheri and Mr CTTV have voices as soothing as summer waves on the shore? Because they do! Listening to this podcast can literally make you drift away to the furthest destinations in both- your imagination and in reality, because you *will* get influenced to book your next cruising adventure listening to them.


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