10 Free Things to Do on Wonder of the Seas

Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas

Looking for free things to do on Wonder of the Seas?

Planning a cruise on Wonder of the Seas? You likely paid top dollar for your cruise on the world’s largest cruise ship, so we’re happy to bring you a list of 10 FREE things to do on Wonder of the Seas. Let’s be clear- we know they aren’t really FREE. You paid for them in your cruise fare! All the more reason to take advantage of these fun, free or “included” activities.

Stroll the Neighborhoods

One of the first things we recommend doing when you board Wonder of the Seas is to stroll the neighborhoods! Learning your way around the ship means understanding the distinct neighborhoods. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll find that Wonder of the Seas is incredibly easy to navigate! The neighborhoods are so special and they make this class of ship so unique. For Coney Island vibes, head out to the boardwalk, have a hot dog, and take a complimentary ride on the carousel. You can even enjoy Johnny Rockets for breakfast at no extra charge. The boardwalk neighborhood is such a great throwback place to hang out.

Free things to do on Wonder of the Seas

For peace and tranquility, head to Central Park. The gardens here are impeccably maintained, and you’ll instantly feel a sense of calm when you’re in Central Park. Even better, take the rising tide bar from the Royal Promenade up to Central Park, and enjoy a cocktail on your “ride”.

Catch the ice show

If you have access in the app pre-cruise (some cruisers are reporting they CAN see entertainment before the cruise), make reservations immediately for 365 Seasons on Ice, Wonder of the Seas incredible Ice Show. If you don’t see reservations available in the app before you cruise, fret not. They should appear on day 1 and you will have many show times to choose from. If you still have issues – head to guest services on boarding day, and ask them what show times are available. It’s so worth it. The show is amazing. You can feel the whoosh of the ice skaters as they breeze past you, skating to the music of all 4 seasons!

Free things to do on Wonder of the Seas - 365
Free things to do on Wonder of the Seas – 365 Seasons on Ice Show

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating show giving you serious FOMO? Wish you could get out on that ice and practice your moves? Me too! Did you know that you can actually go ice skating on Wonder of the Seas? No skating experience is required, and the whole experience, including skate rentals and helmets, is – FREE!

That’s right. Check your cruise planner app, aka the Cruise Compass for available “free skate” days and times.

HOT TIP: check the cruise compass early to find out what days/times will be offered. You don’t want to miss it!

Here’s how it works: Reservations are NOT required. Once you arrive at Studio B, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver. Then, you’ll head to the skate pick-up area to get your correct skate and helmet size. Don’t worry- you can swap them out of they don’t fit! Be sure to pack long pants and socks, and your sense of adventure! Get out there, and channel your inner Peggy Flemming (or Scott Hamilton)!

Try the top deck activities

It wouldn’t be Wonder of the Seas if it weren’t for all of the included top-deck activities. There are just so many to choose from – whether it’s the Flow Rider, or the new Wonder Playscape. There’s SO much to do, and most of it is GREAT for kids and families. You can enjoy the Dunes mini-golf area, and the pools & hot tubs. There’s even a zip line.

Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas Flow Rider
Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas – Flow Rider

HOT TIP: You might consider visiting the top decks on day 1 – you’re gonna find a little bit less crowding on that first day. And of course, there will be fewer crowds on those port days before people have gotten back on the ship.

Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas - Zip-line
Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas – Zip-line

Enjoy live music

Another awesome thing to do that’s complimentary on Wonder of the Seas is to catch a live music performance. Throughout your cruise, you can find live music performances in a variety of different places.  To name just a few, they have live music at the Mason Jar, the pub, the Royal Promenade, and even poolside. Wonder of the Seas does live music well, and you will love all of the offerings on this ship!

Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas - Live Music
Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas – Live Music

Watch a show in the Aqua Theatre

Speaking of poolside, this class of ships is famous for its aqua shows. As we publish this list in 2023, they’re running the Intense Aqua Theater Show, an all-women performance of high diving, slacklining, acrobatics, synchronized swimming and dance. Again, make sure you get those reservations early on in your cruise because the location at the back of the ship, combined with the dangerous nature of the performance lead to frequent cancellations- often due to bad weather or high seas.

Go Rock Climbing

Located adjacent to the Aqua Theater, there’s another included activity, rock climbing! Two walls can be found at the aft of the ship and like everything in this list, the Rock wall is available for you at no charge. You can get out there, test that upper body strength and see how it feels. Not your jam? It’s a great spot for people watching too!

Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas - Rock Climbing
Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas – Rock Climbing

Try the Ultimate Abyss

While you’re at the aft area of the ship, pop up a few more decks and try out the Ultimate Abyss.

Contrary to how it appears, Ultimate Abyss is not a water slide, but rather a dry slide. You’ll be given a mat to tuck your feet into and speed from the top pool deck all the way down to the boardwalk. It’s so much fun, you don’t wanna miss it! I mean, who wouldn’t want to tell their friends back home they tried the “Ultimate Abyss!”.

Free Things To Do Wonder-of the Seas Ultimate Abyss
Free Things To Do Wonder of the Seas – Ultimate Abyss

Catch a Stage Show

Another popular thing to do on the ship is to catch one of the many stage performances. There are all kinds of things going on in the Royal Theater, so check out your cruise compass and see what appeals to you. On our sailing, we saw “The Effectors II: Crash & Burn”, a fun good vs. evil meets comic book performance. The theatre fills up fast, so again- get those reservations early.

Play Laser Tag

One thing that we did not know about until we got on the ship, (this was a complete surprise), is play laser tag on Wonder of the Seas. Unfortunately on our sailing, we had a little bit of difficulty getting a reservation for this one. So, if you’re interested, book it in the app EARLY in your cruise or ask guest services for help!

Visit Sprinkles

Another bonus tip for you, and this is again, something we didn’t realize for a little while is a little sweet treat to end our list! If you don’t want to pay for the ice cream or gelato down at Sugar Beach on the boardwalk, they actually have a free ice cream machine up by the pool deck. It’s a soft serve machine. You can’t miss it! The friendly staff will help you out and give you some soft serve ice cream.

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